Saturday, January 24, 2015

21 Jan 15

Subject: Transfer 16 Week 6


It didn't hit until two days ago that i'm actually comin home. I was packing and Anziano Malzone was doing calls and he got off the phone and said "We have an appointment with a preacher of so and so church on Saturday!" I got super stoked because I love teaching people that actually care about religion, and then it kind of hit me "You're going to be normal on Saturday." So I just kind of sat on my bed for a second and had a "What is happening" moment. It was a really stressful moment, but then I realized that i'd be watching BYU basketball and it made it easier.

This week was a really good week. The sisters had a rough one, two of their investigators (who we've been telling to drop) got checked into the mental hospital. One of them had a little freak out during their lesson. I'll give you all the deets when I get home. Our week was good though. Sunday I gave my last talk and it was sad. Then our branch president spoke at the end and said thanks for my service and he was crying (because of the humidity he kept saying, haha) and it was a really sad/good Sunday. Then we went and ate at one of my favorite member family's house, then ate dinner with our branch president.

Monday we cleaned our house and packedish. I'll just say that packing without a billion white shirts and sheets is the BEST thing ive ever done. Yesterday we saw some more people to say bye, and now i'm here. I have to put the last couple of things in my suitcase tonight and yeah. We're going to hang out with some members today and then come to the church and say bye to more people. Then we have english class and then as my friend Anziano Guzzle is sayin "Peace out freaks."

Tomorrow we go to Milano and have exit interviews, etc. Then Friday morning i'm on a jet plane.

So I guess that this is it. I hope that i'll never have to use email this much again.

SO i'll end with this. Im still trying to get my thoughts and feelings together because everyone in the world says to me "How do you feel?" The answer that I keep giving is that "I'm ready." At first I thought it was just because i'm exhausted and warn out and ready to be with my family again. But as i'm thinking about it more, i'm ready because I feel like I did what I needed to do. I've made mistakes and I have some regrets, but I know that everything will turn out ok. I know that my Heavenly Father will make everything ok. This wasn't the mission that I expected, and looking back it probably wasn't the mission that I wanted. But it was the mission that I needed, and I am so thankful that I could have this time to get beat up a little bit and grow. I like the person that Heavenly Father is helping me become, and i'm excited to keep moving forward when I get home. I'm thankful for the testimony that i've found here, and i'm thankful for the trials that helped me get it. Like I said before, i'll share all the deets in a more spiritual setting (and not over email), but just know that I know that it's true, and I know that it's real. I love you all, and i'll see you soon.

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

14 Jan 15

Subject: Transfer 16 Week 5

This week super flew.

We have officially started the "Good bye, i'm leaving, I'll probably never see you again" phase of my mission. Last night we saw a part member family for the last time. It was a super good lesson and I think that we've made progress with this non member husband for the first time in (literally) 4 years, so we'll see how it goes. I'll fill you in on the details when I get back. But Anziano Malzone thinks he's funny and has decided to ask everyone we meet for marriage advice because "Anziano will be married in three months and he needs all the help he can get." So last night I got these gems:
1. Marry a girl who is "super sweet". Because after 20 years she'll become "sweet," then 20 more she'll be "a little sour" and then if we make it 20 more she'll be a witch. I have to marry someone super sweet because if I don't i'll get to the "a little sour" and "witch" phase sooner.
2. When she gets past "sweet," when she gets mad, I just need to suffer in silence. Then I can do what I want.
3. Don't marry five women (I guess there's a show on RealTV about some dude with five wives)
So i've got some solid guidelines to follow now.

It's kind of weird where i'm at because we've got a full schedule until next wednesday, so I feel like everything is going to fly.

I'm glad everything is ok with Brandon! In the future (next week) if anything crazy happens just tell me, don't say "I dont know if you heard" because I haven't heard haha. But i'm glad everything went smoothly. The first thing I saw this week was a picture of Brandon in a neck brace and I was super confused.

So the mission really developes you in ways you never thought that they would. Last Saturday we went to a baby shower. We went early to help set up, and I guess a baby shower is an american thing. So they turned to me and said "You're American, how do we decorate for a baby shower?" Yeah. We just taped some balloons to the wall and made little paper people and put them on the blackboard. It was a success.

That's pretty much it. We've got a pretty killer line up these next couple of days with lessons, so i'm excited about that. Sunday i've got a talk and then it's gametime.

I love you all so much! I can't wait to see you all, so make sure to CTR and stuff so it can be a happy reunion. Have a great week!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

7 Jan 15

Subject: Transfer 16 Week 4

Welllll I hate trains. We got stuck in Parma for a really long time so we got back late. So this email has to be super short. 

We have interviews tomorrow, Monday I gave my last testimony at zone training, I did a scambio in Modena with Anziano Guzzle from my group. Next week should be a super great week! 

I deff might have the flu, but we'll find out for sure some other time. I owe you all a great big hug or something because this email sucks, but what can you do? I love you all so so so so so much! CTR!!!!!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christian's Homecoming!

For anyone who may be following Christian's mission blog, he will be reporting on his mission on Sunday, January 25 at 9:00 am.  Our church is located at 2675 E Mount Jordan Road, Sandy, UT. We'll be eating lunch after the block, around 12:30. I'm sure he'd love to see you!