Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 Apr 13

Hello family! 

So yeah this week flew by. It was super fun though. A few funny stories:

There was a marathon here in Milan Saturday morning. So the bus we take to the church wasnt running becaue it went through the race. So our ten minute bus ride turned into a 40 minute walk. Another companionship of elders said on the metro there were lots of runners, but it was right after the race started. It looks like some of them had the great idea of taking the subway instead of actually running. To bad there were 40 other people with the same idea. The elders said it smelled like super bad BO on the subway, so im glad I didnt have to experience that.

After a session of conference, some of the missionaries (like 8 or so who came to watch conference in our building) and some member kids all played soccer. We have an outdoor soccer court (yes, court on the cement) instead of basketball, and I think its awesome. The member kids are so good! It was cool to see. Theres a kid named Thomas who is 17, who is about to go on a mission or put in his papers at least, who is super good. Hes also a cool kid to. Its amazing to see the "tricks" as theyre called that they do. Sorry I know there were supposed to be commas in that last sentence. Anyways, were watching conference (in English thankfully) and we see some fifteen year old kid playing soccer by himself. He wasnt a member. So some missionaries went outside and brought him in to watch conference. He said he understood English, so they brought him in with us. I dont know if he could really udnerstand English though. If he didnt, he had to sit through an hour of English. If he could understand, he saw a stellar talk by Elder Bednar on the law of chastity. Poor kid, I felt bad for him. He was just hangin out playin soccer and some missionaries made him watch conference. oh well, we played soccer with him after.

Foosball is huge here. They have tables in all of the churches. Last night (every tuesday night we have a FHE, and every few weeks there is ward council. So i go and run FHE while Davis goes to WC) after FHE, I played foosball with Thomas for a while because WC went long. It was fun, but he KILLED me. You watch pro soccer players how they "step over" and fake with the ball? He did that with foosball. It was cool though, and ill be stinkin good when I get home.

I also did a scambia (exchange) monday. I went up to Como with our zone leader Anziano Angel. Como is gorgeous. Apparently George Clooney has a house there that he is going to sell to Tom Cruise or David Beckham. Anyways, it was awesome. We had a dinner with a member family. They had the cutest three year old. It was kind of demoralizing to have him correct my Italian, but its all good haha. It was cool to be in Como. It is more like what I expected Italy to be like. Milan kind of looks like how I picture Detroit, so it was good to get to another part of the country.

While I was in Como, I went with Anz. Angel to fix something in the Sisters (Sorrella McCann) new apartment. Theyve had to stay in Milan and take a train (40 minutes) to Como every day. So we go and put in a power cord, and the land lord pulls one of the cupboards away from the wall to plug it in. Pieces of the counter just started falling apart, drawers coming out, etc etc etc etc. The furniture is like Ikea but 1000x worse. So we watched him (he wouldnt let us help) put the kitchen back together. He tried for 45 minutes until he gave up. Every time he put something into place, some other piece would get undone. It was seriously hilarious to see him put a drawer in place, have the counter cave in, put the counter back on, and have three drawers fall out of place. So we left the kitchen looking like Katrina hit it, and I guess the traveling assistants have a new project haha.

Thats pretty much it on this end. Our investigators are difficult because they are so set in their ways, and ask lots of questions. We had zone conference yesterday, so it was cool to see all the missionaries in my zone. I didnt know anyone other than Sorella McCann and the APs though. Me and her are pretty good friends now, its cool that Dad and her Mom were friends back in the day.

But yeah, thats it. Im still waiting to hear how Sophie is doing (from her, im getting updates from Mom) and how Kates play is going. I miss ya girlies! Of course I miss all of you, but those two have to step it up! Haha. Thanks again for all your love and support. Oh, to answer your question mom, Anziano Davis is like 6'3". My apartment is tiny and we run out of hot water super fast. Its kinda gross sometimes, but we have a sweet cockroach zapper so thats been kinda fun. With so many new missionaries coming in though, theyre getting new apartments. Eventually everywhere will have four missionaries in an apartment. Also, because its growing so fast (especially with the sisters) Im expected to be able to train after my first two transfers. Some sisters will have to train after their first. So I guess im going to see lots of miracles here haha. Transfers here are six weeks, to answer another question.

I love you all so much! Im doing well here and ready to see what happens next!

Love, Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

PS Dad where did Ziggy get drafted?
PSS Can I get Rachel Grants email to?

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