Thursday, December 19, 2013

18 Dec 13

Well I dont really know where this week went. Sorry in advance for all the typos im about to make, because im writing this letter in mittens. The internet place im in doesnt have heat, so yeah.

Monday was just one of the longest days ever. We weeded out a lot of our iffy investigators who like to bidone us (not show up to lessons), and were working with quality rather than quantity right now. Anyways, we did have any lessons set up for Monday, and there was a strike. So there were no buses, trains, or anything running. So we had 9 hours of walking around in the cold all day. Buuuut its all good now because the rest of the week is set up well.

We have a new guy who is taking courses to be baptized into the catholic church. He called us the other day and said, "Hey I think this (our) church is the true church." He's thinkin right, and hes gonna get baptized!

One of our other investigators (the one ive been talking about for the fast few months) is getting so baptized!!!! She has a bap date right now for 25 of January, but were going to talk to her about switching it to the 4th. Aka unless something crazy happens ill be able to see it!!! So im really really stoked about that.

I guess this turned into a report about all our investigators, so ill talk about the guy from Senegal. Hes Muslim, but at our last lesson he prayed for the first time with us! Best part is, it was IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!! So the three people we have are all making huge progress!

So things are getting crazy at home! Everyone is getting married...Whitney Palmer is getting married in two weeks, Kylee Arnold is married, Harrison Verdine is married... Guys, im not old enough to be married. Then again, I still dont feel old enough to be a missionary. But shout out to all of them, and hopefully everything goes well!

So as far as Skype. I have no idea when ill be able to call home. We have an appointment with members for Christmas, the only question is when. Itll probably be in the morning, but im not sure. Mom, this Christmas is the only time you should accept a friend request from someone you dont know.

I dont really have anything else to say that youd care about. Some missionaries are going home today from Anziano Fiorentino's group, and one of them is Anziano Moore (who was here with me in Muggio for two transfers). President gave them the choice to go home today, or after new years. Alot of them chose today so they could start school on time. But its weird, because im now older than more than half the mission. Still feel like I just got here. Anyways.

Thats it for this week! I hope you all have an awesome week! Happy Birthday to Dad on the 23rd! Hope its a good one! Everyone keep on CTRing and stuff! I love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11 Dec 13

Crazy that two weeks from today is Christmas, right? Mom, you need to resend me your skype account stuff, so we can like totally skype.
Dad, ill start off by saying I know how you feel about spending lots of time with ward lists. Muggio has 500ish names on their list, but only like 180ish active members. So weve been going through it tracking everyone down and finding out if these people still exist or not. Its soooooooo fuuuuuuun.
We had a really awesome zone conference on Monday. The Dibbs made a Christmas dinner for everyone for lunch, with ham and potatoes. It was really good. Sister Dibb also made us all aprons for Christmas. Theyre the best!
After the zone conference, I did a scambio with Anziano Green and it was a blast. He was in my MTC group. Anyways we had an appointment with someone we found on the ward list, but he didnt show up. So we were outside his house, and I was calling/ringing the citofono trying to find out where he was. Anziano Green tried to talk to a guy outside of a bar, and I saw the guy say no and go inside. I was looking at the phone and stuff, then I look up, and all of a sudden Anziano Green is surrouned by 8 half sobber egyptians who werent really "in accord" with our message. That was pretty exciting getting out of that. But we both made it out, so its all good!
The next morning, we went to the train station to rescami. There were 9 minutes until our train left, so we decided to get a chocolate croissant. Long story short, due to some very innaccurate predictions about when they would be done, we missed the train by thaaaaat much. Next train wasnt for an hour. Sweet! So I was feeling really dumb about missing the train, but we went out and did some strada. Its all good though because we found THE COOLEST LADY! Shes from Ethyopia, and was like "Hey, you two should come to my house and teach me all about this!" And we said a prayer with her, and at the end she was crying and said "Jesus wanted us to meet today." MIRACLES ARE SO COOL. The only bummer is (which really isnt a bummer) that she lives just barely outside our area. Buuuut I got to pass her to Anziano Simcox, who was my roomy at the MTC.
Mom, I have recieved the Christmas package! I love all the scripture references. The Old Testament says some weird stuff sometimes, right?
Thats all ive got for you all this week. I love you all so much, and thanks for all the love and support. Thanks also for all the christmas cards from everyone! Youre all the best (every single one of you)!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 Dec 13

Wellll its freezing here.

It snowed last week and has been really windy and cold. Today and yesterday werent horrible though, so thats good!

So news from this week....nothing really big. Im making Anziano Atwood speak only in Italian 24/7 so thats pretty exciting. I got some new gloves and a hat, and they are the best things ever.

Update on our investigator who looked at anti stuff then had a change of heart. We had a lesson with her yesterday, and she is SO GETTING BAPTIZED. We were talking about the progress she's made and the changes weve seen in her. She said "You know what made the change? Ive studied with pretty much every other church, and whenever we got to a "rought patch," theyve all ditched me and run off. But then we had that one lesson, and I thought for sure you guys wouldnt come to the lesson. But then you came back and I realized, ok maybe this really is Christ's church." Moral of the story is: "Dilligence" its in DC 4 for a reason, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Funny story of the week (sorry if its not funny, but I think its hilarious) one of my zone leaders told a gypsie in a wheel chair that he couldnt give him money, so the gypsie punched him.... in the pass along cards? We'll say it like that. Feel free to sensor this more if needed. I about died laughing.

Lots of questions about what I did for thanksgiving. Italians celebrate Thanksgiving like they celebrate Halloween, unfortunately. So honestly, I didnt really do anything.

Christmas is coming! And apparently alot of people think that that's a good excuse to say no to us. "Can we come and teach your family?" "No, now isnt a good time, its almost Christmas." I didnt really understand the reasoning behind this, but I guess they just arent ready.

Thats all ive got for this week! Hopefully everybody has a good week this coming week, and you all choose the right! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon