Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 Sept 13

This week flew. And I think this week is probably going to fly to, because were trying really hard to keep busy. At the new missionary training, President Dibb told a story about this missionary, who is the son of a member of the seventy. The dad had access to all the mission statistics. He saw that his sons mission was teaching on average 5 lessons a week. (It wasnt our mission ps). So his Dad said "I just want you to do one thing. Teach 21 lessons your first week) and the kid did it. So President Dibb challenged us to do it. I nodded my head, and President Dibb said "Anziano McKinnon says he'll do it." Soooo pretty much I really really have to do it haha. So weve been really stressing and pushing to get 21 this week!
So this week flew, but I got yelled at ALOT. Ill put it out right at the beginning so no one is worried about me, it doesnt bother/affect me at all. So dont worry! Ill do this list style:
-The first one was with our investigator form Jamaica. She brought her friend from Cuba. This investigator hasnt really been progressing, so we were doing a sort of "drop" lesson, where we just be as bold as gold and if she doesnt understand the importance of this message, then its time to let her go. So we talked about the apostasy and showed scriptures about it. And they didnt understand. So I said "So what were saying is that our Church is the only true church." They still didnt get it, and were saying "Yeah, yeah we know, and so is our church." Like I said, were supposed to be bold (thats our zone's focus as well) so I said "And part of our message is that your church is not the church of Christ and your baptism was done without the priesthood authority." The Cuban didnt like that very much. So she yelled and yelled (and she is a pretty large person. Not that thats a bad thing, but it made the situation a little scarier haha) about how she bought a closet, and there was a book about Jesus in it, which means her church is true, and this happened on her birthday, and she never gets any presents on her birthday (her mom didnt even make her a cake!), so it was a super duper sign from God. Sorry about the bad grammar in that sentence Grandpa Fife. I know I might have sounded a little harsh, but I figured if I dont make it plain as day and be "strait up" with them, I wasnt doing them any favors in the long run. So theres one.
-The second was the most frustrating. We had a referral, so we set up an appointment and everything. We go by her house, but we dont know which door is hers. So we call her, and a man answers and says she isnt here. So were looking at the doors and a guy comes out and tells us to leave. We told him that we have an appointment with this woman, and he said "Well she lives in this house, but you have to leave right now." So we left for two minutes and came back. We rang the door, and this guy comes back over and starts telling us we have to leave, that we arent welcome here, and a lot of other things that I wont repeat. Im glad Anziano Atwood didnt understand everything he said to us. Just then, the woman comes out. They start arguing in Albanian, and the guy (who turns out to be her landlord) tells us that we still have to leave and never come back. So we left the Albanian Book of Mormon and left. I was really ticked after that, but we did all we could.
-The third was kinda dumb. We were teaching a guy on a bench (who understands Italian, but spoke 60% in french. The gift of tongues is real!) and an old man comes and sits by him. Were explaining about the Book of Mormon, and the old guy stands up and says "I want to say something!" And goes off about how we dont work and we dont have life experience. Then he sat down. After that, every time we asked this guy a question, the old man would said "Io spiego, io spiego" (ill explain, ill explain). And hed start yelling at me about World War 2, how I dont know anything, didnt know where the supermarket was. Completely unrelated stuff. Then finally he said "Im gonna go eat! What do you do when youre hungry? Go cry to your Mom?" And he left. I dont really understand what happened, but I guess I need to study more about World War 2.
An Elder from Australia did a scambio with the zone leaders, and says he knows the Hutchins! Anziano Osmotherly is his name. Hes super cool, I like him a lot. Just a little fun fact for yall.
Thats about it for this week. Still pluggin along and stuff! Glad everything is going well at home. Dad dont worry about sending Dr Pepper if its expensive, its not that big of a deal. But yeah! I love you all! Keep being good people and following commandments! I love you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Thursday, September 19, 2013

18 Sep 13

Pretty good week!

Im going to start of real fast with some questoins: One, did one of the Naylors serve here in Milano? Because if so, were working with one of his old investigators!

Two, what is happening in America? Its been pretty frustrating, there are some crazy rumors going around. All from missionaries, I havent really heard anything from people that have a clue whats really going on. Ive heard: America is going to war with Syria, the Pentagon got attacked by Al Qaeda, and other stuff like that. Anything real even happening?

So yesterday I got to go back to Lampugnano! We had a new missionary training thing there, and it was so good to be back! I got to see a lot of members, Anziano Miller, and a few sister missionaries who Ive known from old districts. It was really fun, and I seriously love that ward! We got to stay after a little because we had a referral there an hour after training ended. Its someone who’s about to get baptized, who lives in our ward in Muggio. So were trying to decide what would be best for them, when/if they should switch over. So we waited for this referral, and they (a husband and wife) show up, and they turned out to be someone Anziano Davis and I found back forever ago! Small world, and cool to see that we really are planting seeds.

So remember that time when I said "You all found the true Church of Christ! Congratulations!" in sacrament meeting? Well turns out im famous, because all of Lampugnano says that now. Every single person said that to me, and the missionaries said that its the wards inside joke. So I would be lying if I didnt say I was proud of that.

Everything is still going well with Anziano Atwood! Except he hates my sense of humor. I asked him one day why he doesnt laugh at my jokes (as a joke) and he said "Because theyre not funny." Im still workin on him though! Bad news for him, I think my jokes are hilarious, so im gonna keep making them!

I played basketball a few weeks ago! I forgot to tell you, but it went really well. My right shoulder felt really really good, super tight and secure. My left one I might need to get checked out when I get home, but I was really careful. I was playing with Italians and you dont really need the best defense to guard them. But it was really fun, and good to see how well the shoulder is doing!

Some Asian guy is humming suuuuper loud on one of the computers in this internet point. Now hes singing. Hes got his headphones on, and I dont think he realizes hes being this loud. Not really important at all, but Im laughing right now and I thought id share.

We had a guy stop us last week (super drunk) and ask where were from. We said were Americans and he said "George Bush stole my neighbors bathroom!" Alcohol is really bad. Dont use it!

Anziano Matau and Anziano Simcox are both in my zone now! They were my roommates in the MTC. Anziano Simcoxs companion is the district leader, so they did a scambio with the zone leaders. So Anziano Simcox came to Muggio for a day, and it was awesome! Its weird, I feel like I just saw him, but its been like six months. It was really good to talk with him though.

Sunday was kinda frustrating. We went and tracked down this ex investigator who was ready to be baptized 3 years ago. We set up the appointment, took FOREVER to find his house (two hours) and it was pouring rain, but we finally got to his house. We call him because he wasnt answering the door and he said "Oh yeah... I forgot." So we had to go all the way back. Then the bus didnt stop at our stop, so we had to walk home in the rain. Laaaaame. But other than that, really good week!

Thats it for this week! I have a request from home. If its possible, could you send Dr Pepper and or Almond MMs through European Amazon? If not dont worry about it, but if so that would be awesome!

Glad everythings going well at home, and people are happy. Im glad youre all better Mom! Keep on CTRing and doing good things! Hope BYU beats Utah! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 Sep 13

Well another week done, and im exhausted.
Being a trainer is a blast, but suuuuuper tiring. My trainee is Anziano Atwood from Pleasant Grove. He was SBO President at PG, and graduated in 2013. Crazy to think there are kids out from 2013!
Its been really interesting to be a trainer, just cause there are things that have turned into common knowledge for me, are completely new for him. The hardest part has been watching what he buys when we go shopping. He accidentilly tried to buy vinegar with wine in it haha. Italians put wine in weird things though, its not his fault. Hes really awesome and ready to go!
So were working with this Jamaican lady, who is super cool. She makes me laugh a ton. Shes super practicing in another church, but she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and stuff. She said that for awhile she didnt have a Bible, so she just read *the good words of Nephi.* She says there is a big problem with racism here, and that if you act like this in American *You get dead.* Shes really cool, were actually seeing her in two hours. Her son just got back from the hospital, so were gonna go see him.
Nothin really huge to report this week. Its been a different experience being with a new guy. For example, we have an extra hour of companionship study every day. I remember when I finished being trained, that extra hour in the morning of work felt like forever. Now I feel like were inside studying all day. Weird to see how things change. Its been interesting planning as well. Before, we could just say *Alright, were teaching the Restoration with them, and the Plan of Salvation with them* and choose what to focus on, and be good. Now, we plan out every single little detail, so we can get Anziano Atwood involved as much as possible.
I feel kind of bad (not really), because I remember when I was being trained, id be frustrated with Anziano Davis because he made me do a lot of things that I felt like I wasn't ready to do. It ended up really helping me, so im doing the same with Anziano Atwood. Hes doing a lot better than I did, im really proud of him. Hes steppin up big!
Life has just been busy. All day im being a trainer, then I get home and we finish planning, and then I have to worry about the district. So theres been zero time for anything else. Its good though, keeps me focused!
We had a cool lesson last night. Its this older lady, who grew up in a church, but was never practicing. So weve had two lessons with her, and she really wants faith. She doesnt under stand how we can be so convinced of this. So were working really hard with her on prayer and reading, to grow the faith. Its been cool to see her plant this seed, and really start to grow this tree!
Im having a blast out here. In Milano, it seemed like we had lots of investigators who were all the same. Here, everyone is different. We have this girl were teaching, who has studied with every church possible, and knows the Bible inside and out. Its been really fun to teach her, just because we cant just teach something, we have to back it up in the scriptures. At the beginning of the mission, I had this mindset *I gotta learn the bible,* but im learning now that we need to teach out of the Book of Mormon. So were teaching out of the Book of Mormon, and putting everything we say on if the Book is true or not. Its a good thing that it is!
Thats it from here. Glad BYU beat Texas! Im really excited about that! Glad the girls are doing well in school, and everythings going well at home! Glad Moms getting better and Dads doin well at work! I love you all!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

04 Sep 13

Ill get the exciting stuff out of the way. Im staying here in Muggio and ill be training a new missionary! Exciting stuff. Heres another curve ball: im going to be district leader as well. So my life got a little different here! I dont know who my new comp is yet, they didnt tell me any names. I go and pick him up tomorrow so well see. Anziano Hillyard is going to a city called Merate, the area litterally next to ours. So he'll be in my district still. Then Anziano Ackerman (one of my roomies) is going to be zone leader done in Firenze, and Anziano Moore is staying here. Anziano Matau is training to, but hes the only one I know about really.
Pretty solid week! Everyone is getting back from Ferie! So now we have people to teach and everything! Our schedule literally went from 6 hours of finding work, to runnin all over the place to lessons, so im excited about that. Teaching is a lot more fun.
There are so many strange people in this city. We were in the park the other day, and there was a guy hidden off in the corner waving a stick. So I went to go talk to him. He was holding a book and chanting something. So I tried to talk to him, and he yelled "I DONT HAVE TIME!" So we left him alone. I figured he was studying for his OWLs or something.
Mom, I forgot to tell you, I got the package with the CDs and flash cards! Thank you for sending it, I really like the CDs!
I found my second favorite bit of Italian grafitti. There is a gang here called "White Thugs." Theyve got nothin on "Rude Boys", but theyre still pretty...fierce.
I need a new watch. The one I have broke three days ago, so im going to get a new one. I looked this morning in Monza centro, but this is where all the rich people live, so its all Armani and stuff. Unless you want me to drop $1000 on a watch Dad, I think ill find a chinese store. It has been the most frustrating thing without a watch. Everyone talked about how much id miss my phone while im on a mission, but ive been more bothered with not having a watch these past three days. I dont know how I lived without a watch before. And im saying this all completely seriously. As im reading it, it looks kinda sarcastic haha.
Cool story from the other day. We were walking down the street, and some guy yelled at us from his house. We went and talked to him, and he told us to come in. He met with the missionaries in 2009, and showed us these pictures of these missionaries. He said he stopped meeting with them because of work, but hes not working anymore. He just plays the soccer video game FIFA on Xbox all day haha. Hes like 65 years old, just livin the dream! So were getting an appointment with him tomorrow night, and were gonna baptize him!
Thats it for this week! It rained really hard again Sunday. I feel like every time it rains hard, its when were in the middle of nowhere and have to walk home, but hey I guss thats life. Im really excited for this next transfer. Were set up pretty well to have more baptisms! So fingers crossed!
Thats a bummer about BYU. How did Taysom look?

Glad everything is going well at home! I cant believe school has started already, and its stinkin September! Holy cow! Time is flying. But keep CTRing and reading and praying! Mom, keep getting better! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon
PS President Dibb and his wife said I did a good job conducting! Just FYI Mom haha.