Thursday, September 19, 2013

18 Sep 13

Pretty good week!

Im going to start of real fast with some questoins: One, did one of the Naylors serve here in Milano? Because if so, were working with one of his old investigators!

Two, what is happening in America? Its been pretty frustrating, there are some crazy rumors going around. All from missionaries, I havent really heard anything from people that have a clue whats really going on. Ive heard: America is going to war with Syria, the Pentagon got attacked by Al Qaeda, and other stuff like that. Anything real even happening?

So yesterday I got to go back to Lampugnano! We had a new missionary training thing there, and it was so good to be back! I got to see a lot of members, Anziano Miller, and a few sister missionaries who Ive known from old districts. It was really fun, and I seriously love that ward! We got to stay after a little because we had a referral there an hour after training ended. Its someone who’s about to get baptized, who lives in our ward in Muggio. So were trying to decide what would be best for them, when/if they should switch over. So we waited for this referral, and they (a husband and wife) show up, and they turned out to be someone Anziano Davis and I found back forever ago! Small world, and cool to see that we really are planting seeds.

So remember that time when I said "You all found the true Church of Christ! Congratulations!" in sacrament meeting? Well turns out im famous, because all of Lampugnano says that now. Every single person said that to me, and the missionaries said that its the wards inside joke. So I would be lying if I didnt say I was proud of that.

Everything is still going well with Anziano Atwood! Except he hates my sense of humor. I asked him one day why he doesnt laugh at my jokes (as a joke) and he said "Because theyre not funny." Im still workin on him though! Bad news for him, I think my jokes are hilarious, so im gonna keep making them!

I played basketball a few weeks ago! I forgot to tell you, but it went really well. My right shoulder felt really really good, super tight and secure. My left one I might need to get checked out when I get home, but I was really careful. I was playing with Italians and you dont really need the best defense to guard them. But it was really fun, and good to see how well the shoulder is doing!

Some Asian guy is humming suuuuper loud on one of the computers in this internet point. Now hes singing. Hes got his headphones on, and I dont think he realizes hes being this loud. Not really important at all, but Im laughing right now and I thought id share.

We had a guy stop us last week (super drunk) and ask where were from. We said were Americans and he said "George Bush stole my neighbors bathroom!" Alcohol is really bad. Dont use it!

Anziano Matau and Anziano Simcox are both in my zone now! They were my roommates in the MTC. Anziano Simcoxs companion is the district leader, so they did a scambio with the zone leaders. So Anziano Simcox came to Muggio for a day, and it was awesome! Its weird, I feel like I just saw him, but its been like six months. It was really good to talk with him though.

Sunday was kinda frustrating. We went and tracked down this ex investigator who was ready to be baptized 3 years ago. We set up the appointment, took FOREVER to find his house (two hours) and it was pouring rain, but we finally got to his house. We call him because he wasnt answering the door and he said "Oh yeah... I forgot." So we had to go all the way back. Then the bus didnt stop at our stop, so we had to walk home in the rain. Laaaaame. But other than that, really good week!

Thats it for this week! I have a request from home. If its possible, could you send Dr Pepper and or Almond MMs through European Amazon? If not dont worry about it, but if so that would be awesome!

Glad everythings going well at home, and people are happy. Im glad youre all better Mom! Keep on CTRing and doing good things! Hope BYU beats Utah! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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