Wednesday, September 11, 2013

11 Sep 13

Well another week done, and im exhausted.
Being a trainer is a blast, but suuuuuper tiring. My trainee is Anziano Atwood from Pleasant Grove. He was SBO President at PG, and graduated in 2013. Crazy to think there are kids out from 2013!
Its been really interesting to be a trainer, just cause there are things that have turned into common knowledge for me, are completely new for him. The hardest part has been watching what he buys when we go shopping. He accidentilly tried to buy vinegar with wine in it haha. Italians put wine in weird things though, its not his fault. Hes really awesome and ready to go!
So were working with this Jamaican lady, who is super cool. She makes me laugh a ton. Shes super practicing in another church, but she believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and stuff. She said that for awhile she didnt have a Bible, so she just read *the good words of Nephi.* She says there is a big problem with racism here, and that if you act like this in American *You get dead.* Shes really cool, were actually seeing her in two hours. Her son just got back from the hospital, so were gonna go see him.
Nothin really huge to report this week. Its been a different experience being with a new guy. For example, we have an extra hour of companionship study every day. I remember when I finished being trained, that extra hour in the morning of work felt like forever. Now I feel like were inside studying all day. Weird to see how things change. Its been interesting planning as well. Before, we could just say *Alright, were teaching the Restoration with them, and the Plan of Salvation with them* and choose what to focus on, and be good. Now, we plan out every single little detail, so we can get Anziano Atwood involved as much as possible.
I feel kind of bad (not really), because I remember when I was being trained, id be frustrated with Anziano Davis because he made me do a lot of things that I felt like I wasn't ready to do. It ended up really helping me, so im doing the same with Anziano Atwood. Hes doing a lot better than I did, im really proud of him. Hes steppin up big!
Life has just been busy. All day im being a trainer, then I get home and we finish planning, and then I have to worry about the district. So theres been zero time for anything else. Its good though, keeps me focused!
We had a cool lesson last night. Its this older lady, who grew up in a church, but was never practicing. So weve had two lessons with her, and she really wants faith. She doesnt under stand how we can be so convinced of this. So were working really hard with her on prayer and reading, to grow the faith. Its been cool to see her plant this seed, and really start to grow this tree!
Im having a blast out here. In Milano, it seemed like we had lots of investigators who were all the same. Here, everyone is different. We have this girl were teaching, who has studied with every church possible, and knows the Bible inside and out. Its been really fun to teach her, just because we cant just teach something, we have to back it up in the scriptures. At the beginning of the mission, I had this mindset *I gotta learn the bible,* but im learning now that we need to teach out of the Book of Mormon. So were teaching out of the Book of Mormon, and putting everything we say on if the Book is true or not. Its a good thing that it is!
Thats it from here. Glad BYU beat Texas! Im really excited about that! Glad the girls are doing well in school, and everythings going well at home! Glad Moms getting better and Dads doin well at work! I love you all!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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