Wednesday, September 25, 2013

25 Sept 13

This week flew. And I think this week is probably going to fly to, because were trying really hard to keep busy. At the new missionary training, President Dibb told a story about this missionary, who is the son of a member of the seventy. The dad had access to all the mission statistics. He saw that his sons mission was teaching on average 5 lessons a week. (It wasnt our mission ps). So his Dad said "I just want you to do one thing. Teach 21 lessons your first week) and the kid did it. So President Dibb challenged us to do it. I nodded my head, and President Dibb said "Anziano McKinnon says he'll do it." Soooo pretty much I really really have to do it haha. So weve been really stressing and pushing to get 21 this week!
So this week flew, but I got yelled at ALOT. Ill put it out right at the beginning so no one is worried about me, it doesnt bother/affect me at all. So dont worry! Ill do this list style:
-The first one was with our investigator form Jamaica. She brought her friend from Cuba. This investigator hasnt really been progressing, so we were doing a sort of "drop" lesson, where we just be as bold as gold and if she doesnt understand the importance of this message, then its time to let her go. So we talked about the apostasy and showed scriptures about it. And they didnt understand. So I said "So what were saying is that our Church is the only true church." They still didnt get it, and were saying "Yeah, yeah we know, and so is our church." Like I said, were supposed to be bold (thats our zone's focus as well) so I said "And part of our message is that your church is not the church of Christ and your baptism was done without the priesthood authority." The Cuban didnt like that very much. So she yelled and yelled (and she is a pretty large person. Not that thats a bad thing, but it made the situation a little scarier haha) about how she bought a closet, and there was a book about Jesus in it, which means her church is true, and this happened on her birthday, and she never gets any presents on her birthday (her mom didnt even make her a cake!), so it was a super duper sign from God. Sorry about the bad grammar in that sentence Grandpa Fife. I know I might have sounded a little harsh, but I figured if I dont make it plain as day and be "strait up" with them, I wasnt doing them any favors in the long run. So theres one.
-The second was the most frustrating. We had a referral, so we set up an appointment and everything. We go by her house, but we dont know which door is hers. So we call her, and a man answers and says she isnt here. So were looking at the doors and a guy comes out and tells us to leave. We told him that we have an appointment with this woman, and he said "Well she lives in this house, but you have to leave right now." So we left for two minutes and came back. We rang the door, and this guy comes back over and starts telling us we have to leave, that we arent welcome here, and a lot of other things that I wont repeat. Im glad Anziano Atwood didnt understand everything he said to us. Just then, the woman comes out. They start arguing in Albanian, and the guy (who turns out to be her landlord) tells us that we still have to leave and never come back. So we left the Albanian Book of Mormon and left. I was really ticked after that, but we did all we could.
-The third was kinda dumb. We were teaching a guy on a bench (who understands Italian, but spoke 60% in french. The gift of tongues is real!) and an old man comes and sits by him. Were explaining about the Book of Mormon, and the old guy stands up and says "I want to say something!" And goes off about how we dont work and we dont have life experience. Then he sat down. After that, every time we asked this guy a question, the old man would said "Io spiego, io spiego" (ill explain, ill explain). And hed start yelling at me about World War 2, how I dont know anything, didnt know where the supermarket was. Completely unrelated stuff. Then finally he said "Im gonna go eat! What do you do when youre hungry? Go cry to your Mom?" And he left. I dont really understand what happened, but I guess I need to study more about World War 2.
An Elder from Australia did a scambio with the zone leaders, and says he knows the Hutchins! Anziano Osmotherly is his name. Hes super cool, I like him a lot. Just a little fun fact for yall.
Thats about it for this week. Still pluggin along and stuff! Glad everything is going well at home. Dad dont worry about sending Dr Pepper if its expensive, its not that big of a deal. But yeah! I love you all! Keep being good people and following commandments! I love you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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