Wednesday, October 2, 2013

02 Oct 13

This week flew (whats new?).
So I was planning on sending a picture but its to big. Ill take a smaller one next time I guess? I dont really know how to do that, but ill figure it out!
I told our french speaking investigator that my Dad speaks french, and wants me to bring him to the next lesson. So Dad, I guess ill let you know when thats happening!
Not a really super exciting week. Same old, same old really. With Anziano Atwood, weve been trying to go to some different places in our area. On Monday I did a scambio with a guy in my district, and went to where Anziano Hillyard and I used to go. I was wondering why Anziano Atwood and I hadnt met any really weird people for awhile. Turns out they all hang out in this area! We stopped a guy, and asked us to explain our message. We started and said "I want to explain something to you guys. I fight destiny." At this point im thinking "Uh oh, here we go" and I was right. The guy was... a goof ball. Long story short, life is more beautiful when we "fight destiny" which I guess means no riding in cars, only using bikes and our feet. Then we ran into some ex investigators (the ones who "speak English"). Anziano Berg asked where one of them was from, and the daughter said, pointing to her Mom "I son." She tried to say "I am her daughter" but got a little mixed up. Maybe that doesnt sound that funny, but the way she was trying to be "humble" about speaking English, then having her say that was really funny. Or maybe the mission is getting to me and im getting weird. Probably that.
Those were the only real interesting stories from this week. I feel kinda lame cause this letter is super short, but I really cant think about what to write about!
Dad, you asked what our church looked like. Were lucky and have a real church building. Most of the wards use a rented out office building. Here in Muggio and Lampugnano, ive had the two nicest chapels in our mission. Our apartment is on the 4th floor (no elevators). Weve got three rooms and a kitchen. One room all four of us sleep in, one we study and change in, and then the other two have their own study room. Ill work on getting pictures next week. For lunch, we just all buy two meals for the week and rotate cooking for everyone. Breakfast I usually just eat cereal or a Peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. I found an arabic store that sells crunchy peanut butter. And then our mission is weird, and we dont eat dinner. It was rough at first, but im used to it now. A big lunch, then a small snack at night. Usually I eat leftovers from lunch or a PBJ. As far as dinner appointments, we dont have them very often. On my mission ive eaten at a members house probably 10 times at the most. They want us out looking for people instead of with members, because Italians LOVE to talk. But yeah, we arent as lucky as the stateside missionaries who have a dinner calendar and eat with members every night (or have cars AND bikes). But yeah, thats my living situation!
Oh fun fact for the Conlee family. An Anziano Duclos (I think its spelled like that) came and played basketball/soccer with us today who knows them. So yeah.

Thats it for this week! Thanks for the questions Dad so I could make up for not having any cool stories this week! Anyways I still love you all! Keep doing good things! To next week!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Oh PS I had two people think I was Italian this week, so I was pretty pumped about that! They were foreigners, but baby steps!

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