Wednesday, October 9, 2013

09 Oct 13

This has been the fastest transfer ever. We find out about transfers next Monday. In interviews yesterday President Dibb all but told me im staying, so itll be a pretty boring transfer day. The only one who will probably go is Anziano Moore, who ive been with here in Muggio the whole time. I love him to death and hope he doesnt go, but he probably will. He has one and a half transfers left, and we dont think President will "space transfer" a zone leader.

Interviews! I love President Dibb. He is the funniest guy in the world. When we saw his picture for the first time we thought he would be super strict all the time, but he is the funniest guy!

Well somebody alert the press, we found Mimo. Not Nemo, but Mimo.

This week was pretty rough numbers wise. We got bedoned 9 times (where people just dont show up) but were keeping our spirits up! I have officially made my companion laugh 7 times all transfer (officially because ive been keeping track in my planner).

So conference! On Saturday we watch the Saturday morning session at 6pm. Then Sunday morning at 11 we watch priesthood, then at 2 we watch saturday afternoon, and then at 6 we watch sunday morning live. So thats how that works! I loved the talk in Priesthood about home teaching. I cant remember who by, but I thought it was cool how he talked about home teachers need to really be friends with the families they visit. Roger and Dale have already got that one down! Im really grateful for them and their friendship.
What a cool talk by President Monson sunday morning! It was really cool to hear a prophet of God bare his testimony about the plan of salvation, especially when it means so much to him at this point in his life.

We all of a sudden are teaching like 9 people whos native language is french. So maybe ill learn more than "Can I get a drink of water," which is all I learned in high school french.
Last real story for the week, which happened on the bus over here. The front few seats are reserved for old people, but on this bus it said "Posto riservato agli invalidi." Ill be honest, I dont know exactly what the word "invalido" means, so it could be something else, but if my educated guess is correct than those seats are reserved for the invalid.
Well thats all for this week! Was going to send pictures, but I left my SD card reader accidentely so ill send them when I get back! I love you all so much!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon
PS Aunt Gisele, there is an Anziano Carter here from your ward. I couldnt remember your email off the top of my head (sorry) but he would like to email y'all! So if you want to shoot him an email thatd be cool!

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