Wednesday, October 23, 2013

23 Oct 13

Were you worried I wasnt going to write today? Sorry im writing so late today. We had to pick up Anziano Atwoods permesso so hes legal. So thats pretty good.

Pretty uneventful week. We got sisters in our area, so we got (had) to give them all our single female investigators/less actives. We officially have three people total to teach! So looks like were doing lots more finding work!

I have done the impossible. I got kicked out of a church choir. So we went to the saturday session of stake conference, and someone asked if we could help sing. We said we could, and the director said "Tenors over here, and bass over here." I told him that I have no idea what im doing. "Are you a tenor or a bass?" No, you dont understand. I really have ZERO idea what im doing. He put me with the tenors. The next day we went early to practice. Oh wait, we were the only ones there! So the choir director had me practice with him. I told him again that I dont know what im doing. He told me to just sing the notes. My Italian was spot on, but he just didnt get it. I said ok, and so it was just me and him, singin along. At the end, he said "This is the first time youve sang before?" FINALLY YOU UNDERSTAND! "Were going to stick you with the basses." So me, him, and Anziano Atwood all practiced together. At the end of that, he said to Anziano Atwood "Well you know what youre doing." Then he looked at me, and said "Well if you really dont know what youre doing, you dont really need to come up and sing with us." So I took a hint and took a seat. For those who are worried about him hurting my musical self esteem, you cant hurt whats not there. No, in all honesty, I didnt sound bad (I thought at least) I just had no idea what notes to sing. You give me a simplified hymn book and ill show you how its done, but give me all those dots and lines and stuff, im as usefull as Michael Jordan in a baseball uniform.

My living condition right now is almost as good as it was in college.

Thats it for this week! Really nothing eventful happened. Im really sorry that this email is so lame, I cant think of any other stories or anything. Dad, you asked how often we eat pizza. We get it like once a week, and its really good. Most of the pizza places are owned by people from the middle east, but theyre still really good.

Thats funny you went to the Simpsons world thing. "Duff Beer" is a HUGE brand over here.

Ok for real thats it for this week. I finished Christmas shopping today, so expect a package from me in about 40 days! Im sending it by boat because its waaaay cheaper. So get excited about that! I love you tons! Keep being good people and CTRing!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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