Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Oct 13

Another week.

I dont really know what to say about this one. Ill just say work is rough right now and Ill leave it at that.

On a brighter note, one of the stores here started selling Dr Pepper! Its kinda expensive, but still! So ive got Dr Pepper and crunchy peanut butter. Life is good!

I got Cheryls birthday card! Tell her thanks so much and that I love her!

One cool experience from this week. We were doing strada, and not having a ton of success. Finally, one guy stopped. We went through three gospel principles with him, but he didnt care at all. So I was thinking "This is the only guy who has stopped all night, there is no way hes gettin away." So I tried a "teach to find" that they suggest we use, that ive been wanting to try for forever. I said "This book can answer any question you might have. Try it." And then I prayed he would ask a question that I could answer with a scripture. He said "Look man, all I want is health." So we jumped to Mosiah 2:41. He read it, and said "Hey, thats a good point." Annnnd long story short we have a return appointment with him tomorrow. Pray that it happens.

I dont have a lot to report, so ill answer some "commonly asked missionary questions." What is the question we get asked the most? Why do I have to be baptized again. Solid question. Second most common? How did we all come from Adam and Eve if they only had Cane and Able? Not as solid.

What do I miss most from home? Dryers and carpet. (other than my family and friends of course)

Sorry this is the lamest email yet, but thats whats goin on right now! Heres one more story that I forgot to tell from a few weeks ago.

We found this guy and set a return appointment with him. We go to the appointment, and he has us meet him in the garage. Its super creapy, and the thought comes into my mind "Youre supposed to stand in holy places. You arent doing that right now." He comes, and takes us into his cantina (storage shed thing.) In there, is set up a broken table, two folding chairs, and a crate with a single lightbulb hanging from a wire. The line from Les Mis "Look down, look down, youre standing in your grave" came into my mind. I can say a prayer! "Look down, look down, sweet Jesus hear my prayer!" "Look down, look down, sweet Jesus doesnt care." But here I am, a few weeks later, still alive.

Thats all! Hope Mom and Dad have fun in Israel. Were kind of neighbors right now! Keep on CTRing and reading the scriptures! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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