Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 Nov 13

So things have been crazy this week! Not exciting story crazy, but 20 minute lunch crazy because were running around taking buses and stuff.
Big news from our ward this week is that we had 27 investigators in church! Part of it was from the Primary program, but we were really excited to have a whole branch of non members with us.
Work is starting to really pick up. We set another baptismal date on Saturday, and were going to set three more this week. We'll see if im still around to see any of these, because we find out about transfers this coming Monday. Im pretty sure im getting transferred, but we'll see. Im hoping to go south, but ill probably go to Bolzano aka the Alps for the winter, but we'll see.
Thanks for all the birthday letters! Crazy that im going to be 20... That doesnt seem like real life, but hey. What are my big birthday plans? Today im buying some cereal called "Crave" thats these ball things with nutella inside. Its probably the best thing ever. And then im buying a can of Dr Pepper. Ive been trying really hard to eat healthy these past few weeks, and im probably ruining all the work ive put in, but I thought id get a little wild. There is also a conference on my birthday, where Elder Ridd of the Young Mens Presidency, President Osguthorpe from the Sunday School Presidency, and Elder Kearon from the area presidency. Itll be at Lampugnano, so hopefully I get to see some of my old ward. PS did I tell you Anziano Matauu is in Lampugnano now?
Not really any big exciting stories this week teaching wise. Weve been running around all over the place and every morning when I wake up I think "I have never been so tired in my entire life" and then I think the same thing the next day! So either im doing something right, or something very wrong. Im hoping im doing some things right.
Glad everything is going well at home! Good job Sophie for making the basketball team! Gresh is a goof ball, I was in his history class one year.
Fun note for ya'll, we had an "apartment council" this morning and decided that we would have pasta only 2 times this week so instead someone is making "potatoe tacos" so that'll be a nice change.
But yeah, things are going well here! Were just pluggin along and doin our best! I love you all so much, and thanks again for all the support im getting from you all! I love you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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