Wednesday, November 6, 2013

06 Nov 13

Well this week was different!
First off, it was Halloween this week. Its not as big over here. I think the only reason they celebrate it at all is because the day after is "Day of all the saints" or something like that, so nobody has work. But yeah, Halloween is zero fun over here. We did stop a guy who rejected us, but gave us each a fruit. So that was pretty exciting.

I did a scambio with Anziano Fiorentino this week. Hes 23 and graduated from University of Miami. It was a super fun scambio. They have bikes so I was riding a bike all day. How did I feel the next day? To use the words of Anziano Matau "My booty be hurtin, but were doin work!" Its been forever since ive really ridden a bike, so I felt it the next day.

Anziano Atwood has been sick for the past five days. So Saturday I was on scambio, Sunday we ate with the bishop and his family, then we split the area between us and the other two companionships. We split it up really well, and we no longer have to cover 23 cities! Blessing! Monday we went through the list and had figured out who was in our area and stuff. Yesterday I did a scambio with Anziano Benson, becasue Anziano Fiorentino was sick with Anziano Atwood. So I was on the bikes again (this time on the one without gears) and we were runnin all over the place. So its been a crazy week, with lots of time doing "office work."  Im feeling healthy, so nobody frett.

We ran into one of our ex investigators sons yesterday! We stopped him on the street. His mom thinks that shes a prophet, can stop the rain by drinking lots of water, and that George Bush has another prophet locked up in his secret underground prison. After meeting her son, it is safe to say that it runs in the family! Ill leave out the things he said because they didnt make a lot of sense, and the things I did understand were BEYOND weird.

A cry for help to all those reading this. I need recipes that are easy, cheap, and have nothing to do with potatoes or pasta. If you could send help, that would be much appreciated. I can only take pasta with red sauce, and what I call "Potatoe suprise" for so long.

Thats it for this week! Im glad Mom and Dad are home safe from Israel, and the girls survived! Im glad Scotti didnt bite anyone, sounds like hes making progress! I love you all so much! Have a great week.
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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