Wednesday, November 27, 2013

27 Nov 13

First off, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Youre growing up so fast!
We'll get the good stuff outta the way. Transfer info....I was a little suprised, but im staying here in Muggio with Anziano Atwood. I thought for sure I was gone, but im back for round four! It could be interesting in a few weeks though, because there are some missionaries going home in the middle of the transfer for Christmas, so there could be some "space transfer" news. But as for now, im still in Muggio!
This week was a little exciting, one of the people in our district had to go to the hospital at 1am this past Monday, so we were there with them and our ward mission leader until 4. So im still tired from that, but still doin well.
We were going door to door (citofono to citofono? We dont knock on real doors very often) this week, and a lady said "You cant come in, we have gelatto." First time ive gotten that respone.
So remember that investigator who was reading anti material? Shes getting so baptized. Shes keeping all her comittments, and living all the "big" commandments. Its been awesome to see the change from the Book of Mormon/Holy Ghost in like a weeks time. The Church is so true!
I told you about that conference with President Osguthorpe and Elder Ridd on Saturday. Well, the next Sunday, Elder Ridd and President Dibb came to our ward. They told us the night before they were coming, and I was teasing Anziano Fiorentino because he had the lesson in Priesthood the next day. Pressure's on! Elder Ridd is super nice, it was cool to talk with him a little bit.
So I still havent missed a day writing in my journal. Brother Morgan should be proud!

And on that note, ill wrap up this letter! I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving and stuff (ing haha). I love you all so much!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon 

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