Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 Dec 13

Wellll its freezing here.

It snowed last week and has been really windy and cold. Today and yesterday werent horrible though, so thats good!

So news from this week....nothing really big. Im making Anziano Atwood speak only in Italian 24/7 so thats pretty exciting. I got some new gloves and a hat, and they are the best things ever.

Update on our investigator who looked at anti stuff then had a change of heart. We had a lesson with her yesterday, and she is SO GETTING BAPTIZED. We were talking about the progress she's made and the changes weve seen in her. She said "You know what made the change? Ive studied with pretty much every other church, and whenever we got to a "rought patch," theyve all ditched me and run off. But then we had that one lesson, and I thought for sure you guys wouldnt come to the lesson. But then you came back and I realized, ok maybe this really is Christ's church." Moral of the story is: "Dilligence" its in DC 4 for a reason, and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Funny story of the week (sorry if its not funny, but I think its hilarious) one of my zone leaders told a gypsie in a wheel chair that he couldnt give him money, so the gypsie punched him.... in the pass along cards? We'll say it like that. Feel free to sensor this more if needed. I about died laughing.

Lots of questions about what I did for thanksgiving. Italians celebrate Thanksgiving like they celebrate Halloween, unfortunately. So honestly, I didnt really do anything.

Christmas is coming! And apparently alot of people think that that's a good excuse to say no to us. "Can we come and teach your family?" "No, now isnt a good time, its almost Christmas." I didnt really understand the reasoning behind this, but I guess they just arent ready.

Thats all ive got for this week! Hopefully everybody has a good week this coming week, and you all choose the right! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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