Thursday, December 19, 2013

18 Dec 13

Well I dont really know where this week went. Sorry in advance for all the typos im about to make, because im writing this letter in mittens. The internet place im in doesnt have heat, so yeah.

Monday was just one of the longest days ever. We weeded out a lot of our iffy investigators who like to bidone us (not show up to lessons), and were working with quality rather than quantity right now. Anyways, we did have any lessons set up for Monday, and there was a strike. So there were no buses, trains, or anything running. So we had 9 hours of walking around in the cold all day. Buuuut its all good now because the rest of the week is set up well.

We have a new guy who is taking courses to be baptized into the catholic church. He called us the other day and said, "Hey I think this (our) church is the true church." He's thinkin right, and hes gonna get baptized!

One of our other investigators (the one ive been talking about for the fast few months) is getting so baptized!!!! She has a bap date right now for 25 of January, but were going to talk to her about switching it to the 4th. Aka unless something crazy happens ill be able to see it!!! So im really really stoked about that.

I guess this turned into a report about all our investigators, so ill talk about the guy from Senegal. Hes Muslim, but at our last lesson he prayed for the first time with us! Best part is, it was IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!! So the three people we have are all making huge progress!

So things are getting crazy at home! Everyone is getting married...Whitney Palmer is getting married in two weeks, Kylee Arnold is married, Harrison Verdine is married... Guys, im not old enough to be married. Then again, I still dont feel old enough to be a missionary. But shout out to all of them, and hopefully everything goes well!

So as far as Skype. I have no idea when ill be able to call home. We have an appointment with members for Christmas, the only question is when. Itll probably be in the morning, but im not sure. Mom, this Christmas is the only time you should accept a friend request from someone you dont know.

I dont really have anything else to say that youd care about. Some missionaries are going home today from Anziano Fiorentino's group, and one of them is Anziano Moore (who was here with me in Muggio for two transfers). President gave them the choice to go home today, or after new years. Alot of them chose today so they could start school on time. But its weird, because im now older than more than half the mission. Still feel like I just got here. Anyways.

Thats it for this week! I hope you all have an awesome week! Happy Birthday to Dad on the 23rd! Hope its a good one! Everyone keep on CTRing and stuff! I love you all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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