Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last photo w/Pres and Sis Wolfgramm

19 Jun 13

So this week was CRAZY. And heres why:

New companion. Anziano Miller from California. Plays lacrosse for BYU and did a year in the Army before his mission. I like him a lot, hes got tons of energy and fire. Its been interesting kind of leading around for the first week. Its really not hard though. I know the bus system pretty well and the metro is cake. Anziano Miller trained Anziano Simcox, one of my roomates in the MTC. And Anziano Simcox is training now! So glad its not me. Anziano Loveitt is also training (My MTC district), but those two are the only two Anziani from my group. Other transfer news, Sorella McCann is training, and still in Como. Those are the only ones that youd probably care about so ill leave it at that. 

So our Standard of Excellence is 15+ lessons a week. Lessons only include less actives and non members, so visiting members doesnt count. The highest we have ever gotten was 11 last week. When Anziano Miller got here, we had taught 2 lessons all week. Then we taught one Thursday night. Then Friday we taught 4, Saturday we taught 4, then Sunday we taught 5! 16 lessons for the week! It was hard but it seriously felt so good. In the words of Anziano Miller "We freaking wrecked everyone!" 

Funny story. We stopped a guy on the street and he said no right away. Then he stopped and said "Do you need information?" And Anziano Miller said "Yes! If I were to take a street to the Celestial Kingdom, which one would I take?" The guy wasnt happy and kinda stormed off but I thought it was funny.

This Monday was the most devestating day ever. We had 6 lessons planned, and every single one fell through. Then almost every single back up plan fell through. We ended up still getting two lessons, but it was just a rough day. Heres the worst part. We found a guy doing Casa last week and he is SUPER elect. He said "I believe in God and Jesus Christ, but I believe that churches are corrupt." Boy do we have a message for you. So we taught him the first lesson on Saturday, and everything went perfect. He was so excited to go to Church, but said he couldnt go this past sunday because of work, but would go the next one. The we went to the second lesson on Monday and he said his wife wouldnt let him meet with his, because she didnt want the house divided in religion. I guess shes catholic. Seriously the worst feeling in the entire world. That plus all our appointments fall through made Monday pretty rought.

We had zone conference yesterday, the last one with President and Sister Wolfgramm. That was really sad, I love them so much. Its only been three months but ive learned so much from both of them. So the Dibbs will be here in one or two weeks. President Dibb actually was companions with President Wolfgramm, so thats pretty cool!

We finally got a break through with our pretty much only investigator. Hes super old and grew up in the catholic church. Hes been starting to open up with us. We just passed by his house on Monday for only five minutes, but ended up staying for 40. He mentioned going to the cemetery to see his moms tombstone, which led into the Plan of Salvation. Then we got to resurection and that hit him super hard. Hes got tons of health problems, so the idea of a perfect body really hit him. I feel like hes been interested, but doesnt want us to be right because that would mean his whole religious life would be wrong. But this finally gave him a reason to want our message to be true. I really think this will be a big breakthrough.

We do big excercise in the mornings now. We run every other day (which was rought considering im A. a volleyball player and B. I havent run in like four years) and work out inside the other days. Thats been tough getting used to, but its good.

We only speak Italian. That was a big culture shock. Grandpa Fife told me a story about him and a companion who only spoke French to each other, and they said things like "Pass me that thing" and "Its by the thing" alot. I understand grandpa. I can teach any lesson in Italian, but I cant like talk about cleaning in Italian yet. I havent really learned house hold vocabulary yet. So Im learning how to tell people how to cut my hair and stuff like that (which is an adventure cause I dont know how to do that in English).

Its starting to get HOT here. Anziano Miller and Davis had the idea of bringing a CamelBack, which was an awesome idea. They dont exist in Italy. ALl the Italians think they have health problems, but they arent dying like I am. So I think im going to buy a new backbap that isnt so huge and black if I can find a good one.

I got Audreys wedding announcement. Im really excited for them! I also got Jade Smiths letter. So cute! Tell that whole family thank you. Im in the process of writing them back, I just dont have tons of time. Plus I dont know how to send a letter in Italy. But itll come eventually!

Dad, you asked about our apartment. Normal stove, normal fridge, just pretty small and old. We have a bideau (however you spell it) and to me thats kind of a super gross concept, but whatever. Im thankful we have AC. Italians believe that AC makes you sick, so a lot of them have it but dont use it. They also believe that gelatto is good for you. I wont argue with the second one!
Thats all for this week! The power went out in the middle of our email time today so thats why im writing this so late. I love you all! Sorry if my grammar slash spelling is bad in this, every single word is underlined in red because im writing in English, so yeah. I love you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 Jun 13

12 Jun 13

Hey family! So heres whats going on with transfers. Im staying in Lampugnano at least another transfer. Anziano Davis is going to Lecco. My new companion will be Anziano Miller. Dont know really anthing about him though. Hopefully hes cool! And im not training!!!!! So glad about that. Monday was a loooong day until we got the phone call. I just figured, I know the baptismal invite in Italian, and I can order a pizza so we'll baptize people and wont die.

So here are some of the fun things this week.

We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators yesterday. Hes like 70 years old and pretty sick so he never leaves his house. Hes read the Bible four times and is convinced that the Catholic church is right (dont know how he made that connection, cause im reading the Bible right now. Lets just say it doesnt really add up. Oh well). But yesterday we talked about prayer. It was cool, one thing ive really been trying to do is listen to the Spirit to know what questions to ask or what to say, and I feel like im getting good. Last week we found out the whole baptizing babies thing has been bothering him, and he is really starting to open up to us. Anyways back to yesterday, we were going in going to talk about how we need to pray with our hearts and not written prayers. Eventually we got to asking "Have you ever recieved an answer to your prayers?" And he said he didnt know. So I said "Look (investigator, cause were not supposed to put names in letters anymore), as a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify to you that God sent us to you. God knows that you are ready to hear this message." And he said "Thats something ive been thinking lately. I think you two are an answer to my prayers." So hopefully well continue to make progress with him.

Weve been working a ton with less active members lately. We have doubled the number of lessons we taught this transfer from last transfer, and hopefully we will continue to teach more cause teaching is 10000x funner than finding work. Which means I need to work on finding work, but oh well.

Some old lady we met doing casa said that its written in the Gospels that Christ said not to go door to door. I guess I missed that day of Seminary. So we said thanks and rang the next door.

Monday was a crazy day. We found out about transfers, and I have some crazy stories to. First thing, we talked to a guy in a park. He was super drunk but he kept talking. I didnt understand him very well cause he was talking about how he fought in the war. I didnt learn that vocabulary in the MTC. I did, however, understand the machine gun noises and motions he was making. One family walked by us while he was doing this, and when we tried to talk to them later, they said no faster than anyone. Anyways he was asking questions about Adam and Eve, and how it wasnt Satan who tempted them, it was a snake. Then at the end, we went to shake his hand. He grabbed Anziano Davis hand and put it on his (the drunk guys) chest and said "This is my heart." I put my hand in my pocket, but he insisted and I got to find his heart also. Alcohol is BAD.

Second thing. We were doing casa that night. Anziano Davis was on the phone and I was ringing the telephone thing (Ci tofono). Some Chinese guys came up behind me and I asked if they needed to use it. They said no and just stood there. So I said "Well were talking about how God has called a prophet." They said ok. So I said "Well are you guys molto credente?" I dont really know what that translates to. Really bad Inglish. But anyways they said "Believers in what?" "In God" and he replied "I am God." So I was like "Ok. Well do you guys need to go inside?" Nope. So I just started ringing doors again and they stood behind me the whole time. Finally someone opened the door and we escaped. We rang a floor inside, then went to the one below, and the Chinese guys were there. So they stood behind us for that floor and finally they went inside to their apartment. Their door was covered with like 50 "Merry Christmas!" stickers. The world is a weird place.

Thats pretty much it for this week! Pray that Anziano Miller will be cool and that ill be a better missionary. Im excited for this next transfer, cause im officially not a trainie anymore. I feel like weve done everything ok these past two transfers, but havent dont anything really good. So im going to try and make this next transfer a big turning point!

Kate, I heard you killed it at your talent show/graduation. Make sure to save that video, im excited to see it! Nice job! And girls have fun not being in school! Make sure to read your scriptures extra! No kissing anyone girlies! And Mom and Dad, I love you both a ton! Love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

05 Jun 13

This week seriously flew. Here are some quick things:
We ran into a guy from India. We asked him what the purpose of life is. (He spoke English) He went into a huge Hindu schpeel, then asked where we were from. We told him America, and he said "Can you help me get to America!?" We told him we couldnt, we were just missionaries bringing our message to the world. He said "Whats your message?" And we told him God has called a prophet and restored his Church. He thought for a second and said "I want to bring that message to. I want to be a missionary like you! Only, I want to be a missionary in America." Clever guy. He went back to Inda the next day, so who knows, who could be filling out his papers as we speak.
This week, President Wolfgramm changed the schedule for the Elders. We wake up at 7 now and go to bed at 11. So pretty much everything moves back half an hour. The night where we went to bed at 10:30, but woke up at 7 was the best thing. Dont be jealous I got to sleep in though, because I had to go to the MTC, get used to that schedule, do the bad day light savings, get used to that schedule, come to Italy, get used to that schedule, then do the bad daylight savings AGAIN cause they do it different here.
Cool story! We ate dinner at a members house, the Redaelli family. I told them I had two cousins that served here, another Anziano McKinnon and an Anziano Fife. The wife freaked out and said "Dave Fife! We love him!" They showed me a note they wrote to him, and I took a picture of him. Thanks for makin me a little more popular Dave haha.
We talked to a guy on the subway from Argentina. Hes an English teacher so he spoke some English. We were talking to him in English about his religious views, and he said "I only believe in science" with a spanish accent. I started laughing, but Anziano Davis kept it together and the guy didnt notice. Its a quote from the movie Nacho Libre for those not following.
I probably should have put this first, but we had a zone conference and a big part of it was telling us to be careful about stuff we write home. So if I ever send anything home thats stupid, feel free to edit me. So thats been our slogan "Dont put it on the Internet." So sorry if ive said anything dumb in the past.
Were makin progress with our investigators, and have been working a ton with less actives. Were working with one guy from Peru, who was baptized forever ago then moved here and hasnt been active since. We were teaching him about the Holy Ghost, and he said "Guys, I dont think I was ever confirmed a member of the Church." So were in the middle of an investigation. Pretty exciting.
Im not very happy with the place I got my clothes. Seems are starting to rip in my pants. The little cuff thing on the bottom of my pants ripped my first week or so here on one pair, and today I discovered that a seem in another pair of my pants ripped. Bad news, the seem is right on my rear. Im hoping that it ripped as I walked into the apartment last night, and not weeks ago. Its about three inches long, and I was pretty "bummed" when I discovered it. Haha. So were going to hopefully find a member or a tailor around here. Anziano Davis says that itd be cheaper to get it fixed here instead of sending it home. Ill keep you updated. Hopefully I wont have any more wardrobe malfunctions. Good thing im in Milano, because pretty much everything flies here, and theyll think I did it on purpose.
Other things im learning. The great apostasy is REAL. There are some mixed up things over here. Ill quote Joseph Smith on this one: "There are so many fools in the world, sometimes it seems the devil has the advantage." Thats why im over here though!
Thats it from here. Next Monday we find out about transfers, and im super nervous. Anziano Droghei keeps sayin that im training. I really hope hes kidding (and im 90% sure he is, im just paranoid). Its more exciting this time around because last transfer day it was pretty much a given that we were both staying in Milano. Fingers crossed!
I love you all! Happy Birthday Scottie!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon