Wednesday, June 12, 2013

12 Jun 13

12 Jun 13

Hey family! So heres whats going on with transfers. Im staying in Lampugnano at least another transfer. Anziano Davis is going to Lecco. My new companion will be Anziano Miller. Dont know really anthing about him though. Hopefully hes cool! And im not training!!!!! So glad about that. Monday was a loooong day until we got the phone call. I just figured, I know the baptismal invite in Italian, and I can order a pizza so we'll baptize people and wont die.

So here are some of the fun things this week.

We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators yesterday. Hes like 70 years old and pretty sick so he never leaves his house. Hes read the Bible four times and is convinced that the Catholic church is right (dont know how he made that connection, cause im reading the Bible right now. Lets just say it doesnt really add up. Oh well). But yesterday we talked about prayer. It was cool, one thing ive really been trying to do is listen to the Spirit to know what questions to ask or what to say, and I feel like im getting good. Last week we found out the whole baptizing babies thing has been bothering him, and he is really starting to open up to us. Anyways back to yesterday, we were going in going to talk about how we need to pray with our hearts and not written prayers. Eventually we got to asking "Have you ever recieved an answer to your prayers?" And he said he didnt know. So I said "Look (investigator, cause were not supposed to put names in letters anymore), as a representative of Jesus Christ, I testify to you that God sent us to you. God knows that you are ready to hear this message." And he said "Thats something ive been thinking lately. I think you two are an answer to my prayers." So hopefully well continue to make progress with him.

Weve been working a ton with less active members lately. We have doubled the number of lessons we taught this transfer from last transfer, and hopefully we will continue to teach more cause teaching is 10000x funner than finding work. Which means I need to work on finding work, but oh well.

Some old lady we met doing casa said that its written in the Gospels that Christ said not to go door to door. I guess I missed that day of Seminary. So we said thanks and rang the next door.

Monday was a crazy day. We found out about transfers, and I have some crazy stories to. First thing, we talked to a guy in a park. He was super drunk but he kept talking. I didnt understand him very well cause he was talking about how he fought in the war. I didnt learn that vocabulary in the MTC. I did, however, understand the machine gun noises and motions he was making. One family walked by us while he was doing this, and when we tried to talk to them later, they said no faster than anyone. Anyways he was asking questions about Adam and Eve, and how it wasnt Satan who tempted them, it was a snake. Then at the end, we went to shake his hand. He grabbed Anziano Davis hand and put it on his (the drunk guys) chest and said "This is my heart." I put my hand in my pocket, but he insisted and I got to find his heart also. Alcohol is BAD.

Second thing. We were doing casa that night. Anziano Davis was on the phone and I was ringing the telephone thing (Ci tofono). Some Chinese guys came up behind me and I asked if they needed to use it. They said no and just stood there. So I said "Well were talking about how God has called a prophet." They said ok. So I said "Well are you guys molto credente?" I dont really know what that translates to. Really bad Inglish. But anyways they said "Believers in what?" "In God" and he replied "I am God." So I was like "Ok. Well do you guys need to go inside?" Nope. So I just started ringing doors again and they stood behind me the whole time. Finally someone opened the door and we escaped. We rang a floor inside, then went to the one below, and the Chinese guys were there. So they stood behind us for that floor and finally they went inside to their apartment. Their door was covered with like 50 "Merry Christmas!" stickers. The world is a weird place.

Thats pretty much it for this week! Pray that Anziano Miller will be cool and that ill be a better missionary. Im excited for this next transfer, cause im officially not a trainie anymore. I feel like weve done everything ok these past two transfers, but havent dont anything really good. So im going to try and make this next transfer a big turning point!

Kate, I heard you killed it at your talent show/graduation. Make sure to save that video, im excited to see it! Nice job! And girls have fun not being in school! Make sure to read your scriptures extra! No kissing anyone girlies! And Mom and Dad, I love you both a ton! Love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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