Wednesday, June 12, 2013

05 Jun 13

This week seriously flew. Here are some quick things:
We ran into a guy from India. We asked him what the purpose of life is. (He spoke English) He went into a huge Hindu schpeel, then asked where we were from. We told him America, and he said "Can you help me get to America!?" We told him we couldnt, we were just missionaries bringing our message to the world. He said "Whats your message?" And we told him God has called a prophet and restored his Church. He thought for a second and said "I want to bring that message to. I want to be a missionary like you! Only, I want to be a missionary in America." Clever guy. He went back to Inda the next day, so who knows, who could be filling out his papers as we speak.
This week, President Wolfgramm changed the schedule for the Elders. We wake up at 7 now and go to bed at 11. So pretty much everything moves back half an hour. The night where we went to bed at 10:30, but woke up at 7 was the best thing. Dont be jealous I got to sleep in though, because I had to go to the MTC, get used to that schedule, do the bad day light savings, get used to that schedule, come to Italy, get used to that schedule, then do the bad daylight savings AGAIN cause they do it different here.
Cool story! We ate dinner at a members house, the Redaelli family. I told them I had two cousins that served here, another Anziano McKinnon and an Anziano Fife. The wife freaked out and said "Dave Fife! We love him!" They showed me a note they wrote to him, and I took a picture of him. Thanks for makin me a little more popular Dave haha.
We talked to a guy on the subway from Argentina. Hes an English teacher so he spoke some English. We were talking to him in English about his religious views, and he said "I only believe in science" with a spanish accent. I started laughing, but Anziano Davis kept it together and the guy didnt notice. Its a quote from the movie Nacho Libre for those not following.
I probably should have put this first, but we had a zone conference and a big part of it was telling us to be careful about stuff we write home. So if I ever send anything home thats stupid, feel free to edit me. So thats been our slogan "Dont put it on the Internet." So sorry if ive said anything dumb in the past.
Were makin progress with our investigators, and have been working a ton with less actives. Were working with one guy from Peru, who was baptized forever ago then moved here and hasnt been active since. We were teaching him about the Holy Ghost, and he said "Guys, I dont think I was ever confirmed a member of the Church." So were in the middle of an investigation. Pretty exciting.
Im not very happy with the place I got my clothes. Seems are starting to rip in my pants. The little cuff thing on the bottom of my pants ripped my first week or so here on one pair, and today I discovered that a seem in another pair of my pants ripped. Bad news, the seem is right on my rear. Im hoping that it ripped as I walked into the apartment last night, and not weeks ago. Its about three inches long, and I was pretty "bummed" when I discovered it. Haha. So were going to hopefully find a member or a tailor around here. Anziano Davis says that itd be cheaper to get it fixed here instead of sending it home. Ill keep you updated. Hopefully I wont have any more wardrobe malfunctions. Good thing im in Milano, because pretty much everything flies here, and theyll think I did it on purpose.
Other things im learning. The great apostasy is REAL. There are some mixed up things over here. Ill quote Joseph Smith on this one: "There are so many fools in the world, sometimes it seems the devil has the advantage." Thats why im over here though!
Thats it from here. Next Monday we find out about transfers, and im super nervous. Anziano Droghei keeps sayin that im training. I really hope hes kidding (and im 90% sure he is, im just paranoid). Its more exciting this time around because last transfer day it was pretty much a given that we were both staying in Milano. Fingers crossed!
I love you all! Happy Birthday Scottie!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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