Wednesday, November 20, 2013

13 Nov 13

We are getting things turned around here!
We had a pretty solid week last week, and this week is set up really well.
Cool miracle that happened. We have this investigator who has studied with every other church that uses the Bible, and knows it inside and out. Shes been asking lots of questions about deep doctrine, and searching on the internet alot. Weve emphasized that shes not going to find the truth on the internet. Last week, we found out she found some anti material. In the lesson, she told us all this stuff she had read. It was some of the nastiest things ever. After she finished telling us all these things she read, she said "Defend it." So I handed her the Book of Mormon and said "Were not going to touch any of that stuff. The only way youre going to know if this is true, is if your read and pray about this Book." She was pretty ticked, but we bore our testimonies and prayed. After the prayer she said "Things just got more serious, we need to meet more often." So last night we had another lesson, and she was a completely different person. She had prayed about the Book of Mormon, and recieved an answer. We set a bap date with her for 25 of January, and were super excited!
As im thinking about it, weve got some really interesting investigators. One guy is Muslim, and is the most elect person ever. It was weird though, we went to the last lesson with him, and he brought his preacher with him. Hes not exaclty a preacher, but hes over the Muslims in this area. So he brought him to this lesson, and what did we have planned to teach? The Gospel of Jesus Christ. That was an interesting moment, but we stuck with our guns, and our investigator comitted to baptism! We dont have a date yet, but hes super cool!
We a guy last week who speaks English! I can teach in Italian, but teaching in English is 100000x easier. I will never take the ability to say things exaclty how I want them said for granted ever again.
Things are going good over here! Its starting to get pretty cold. Nothing below freezing yet, but the humidity makes it worse. Im hoping I get transfered south, where its alot warmer, but I have a feeling im going to Trieste. Its one of the farthest north cities, and farthest east in the mission. The wind is so strong there, that have chains on all the sidewalks so that people can walk without being blown away. Just because I wrote this, I probably really am going there, but we'll see what happens!
Thats crazy that BYU basketball started already, and football is almost over. Time is flying!
Well thats it! Hopefully Sophie makes the basketball team and her shoulders hang in there (literally). I loved the photos from Israel, it looks awesome! Hope everthing else is going well, and you all choose the right!
Love, Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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