Sunday, October 20, 2013

16 Oct 13

Well this was a very un-exciting week.
Weve had to kind of re start from scratch. Weve dropped a lot of those "eternal investigators" and maybe with time theyll be more willing to accept the gospel. Which means weve got a ton of finding work!
So we found out about transfers Monday. Im staying here with Anziano Atwood, Anziano Moore is going to train a new missionary, then "die" in Torino. He goes home Dec. 20th. Other fun news that you might care about. Anziano Matau is going to LAMPUGNANO! He is sooooo lucky. So im giving him tons of names he has to track down for me. Hes been training this past transfer as well. Sorella McCann is also super lucky and going to Firenze.
Im still district leader, and Muggio is adding two Sorelle missionaries. The Capi have been working with the office to get an apartment for them. Last night, Anziano Atwood and I went to help put it all together (in "normal" clothes. BEST THING EVER.) We got there, and there were some problems with the contract, so Anziano Moore had to stay there and translate. So I had to go with Anziano Benson to teach a lesson. Only problem is that I was wearing normal clothes. So Anziano Moore and I went into the bathroom and I put on his suit, and he put on my normal clothes and I went and taught the lesson. It went super well, and then we got to help with the apartment. Putting together IKEA furniture was super fun (im probably just going crazy), and we get to help tomorrow to.
Were still having problems with people fixing appointments with us, then us confirming the day of, and then they still dont show up. Thats getting beyond frustrating, but I guess thats life sometimes.
There arent really any fun stories this week. Weve spent a lot of time exploring our area and figuring out which ways are more efficient to get to places, so theres been lots of time on trains and buses. Weve got a good feel for it now, so were going to be kind of venturing out of our normal hunting grounds.
Hope everyone has fun in Orlando! Mom, that story about Scottie made me 
 laugh. You have to keep him at least until I get home!
Thats it from here! This will probably be the last six weeks I have in Muggio, so were going to hit it hard! I love you all so much, and thank you for all the support!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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