Wednesday, September 4, 2013

04 Sep 13

Ill get the exciting stuff out of the way. Im staying here in Muggio and ill be training a new missionary! Exciting stuff. Heres another curve ball: im going to be district leader as well. So my life got a little different here! I dont know who my new comp is yet, they didnt tell me any names. I go and pick him up tomorrow so well see. Anziano Hillyard is going to a city called Merate, the area litterally next to ours. So he'll be in my district still. Then Anziano Ackerman (one of my roomies) is going to be zone leader done in Firenze, and Anziano Moore is staying here. Anziano Matau is training to, but hes the only one I know about really.
Pretty solid week! Everyone is getting back from Ferie! So now we have people to teach and everything! Our schedule literally went from 6 hours of finding work, to runnin all over the place to lessons, so im excited about that. Teaching is a lot more fun.
There are so many strange people in this city. We were in the park the other day, and there was a guy hidden off in the corner waving a stick. So I went to go talk to him. He was holding a book and chanting something. So I tried to talk to him, and he yelled "I DONT HAVE TIME!" So we left him alone. I figured he was studying for his OWLs or something.
Mom, I forgot to tell you, I got the package with the CDs and flash cards! Thank you for sending it, I really like the CDs!
I found my second favorite bit of Italian grafitti. There is a gang here called "White Thugs." Theyve got nothin on "Rude Boys", but theyre still pretty...fierce.
I need a new watch. The one I have broke three days ago, so im going to get a new one. I looked this morning in Monza centro, but this is where all the rich people live, so its all Armani and stuff. Unless you want me to drop $1000 on a watch Dad, I think ill find a chinese store. It has been the most frustrating thing without a watch. Everyone talked about how much id miss my phone while im on a mission, but ive been more bothered with not having a watch these past three days. I dont know how I lived without a watch before. And im saying this all completely seriously. As im reading it, it looks kinda sarcastic haha.
Cool story from the other day. We were walking down the street, and some guy yelled at us from his house. We went and talked to him, and he told us to come in. He met with the missionaries in 2009, and showed us these pictures of these missionaries. He said he stopped meeting with them because of work, but hes not working anymore. He just plays the soccer video game FIFA on Xbox all day haha. Hes like 65 years old, just livin the dream! So were getting an appointment with him tomorrow night, and were gonna baptize him!
Thats it for this week! It rained really hard again Sunday. I feel like every time it rains hard, its when were in the middle of nowhere and have to walk home, but hey I guss thats life. Im really excited for this next transfer. Were set up pretty well to have more baptisms! So fingers crossed!
Thats a bummer about BYU. How did Taysom look?

Glad everything is going well at home! I cant believe school has started already, and its stinkin September! Holy cow! Time is flying. But keep CTRing and reading and praying! Mom, keep getting better! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon
PS President Dibb and his wife said I did a good job conducting! Just FYI Mom haha.

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