Friday, April 26, 2013

25 Apr 13

Sorry I have to write this on Thursday instead of Wednesday. We had Ted D. Callister speak to us yesterday morning, so President just told us to do P Day on Thursday instead of Wednesday. So I didnt break any rules or get kidnapped or anything.
This has been a pretty boring week. We started meeting with a guy whos wife and daughter are both in our ward. Hes been going to Church for years, but has never comitted. We met with him and hes a super cool guy. He loves American Sports. He says he doesnt know how Italians do it, with only soccer. So it was nice to talk about that a little. He said he doesnt want to be baptized because he works so much. He said "If im going to buy season tickets to the Dallas Cowboys, I want to go to all the games." He never really met with missionaries. But the Sunday before we met him was fast Sunday, so I bore my testimony. Anziano Davis does the English translations for the Brittish members in our ward. So Fratello Fuorelli said that since im new and hes impressed Anz- Davis can do translations hed meet with us. His father passed away recently so hes really interested in the Plan of Salvation. He said "Maybe destiny says now is the right time for me." We met with him once, but then he went out of town this week and we havent seen him yet. His wife said to schedule an appointment next week. So fingers crossed for that! hes a super smart guy. He reads books in English because it doesnt translate perfectly. He doesnt speak it, but has tons of questions. My favorite was "Why is it "All I want for Christmas IS you, and not ARE you."
Speaking of favorites, I heard my favorite excuse for not wanting to talk with us. A lady we stopped said she doesnt like churches in general, because they teach boys only to date girls who look like the Virgin Mary. Haha well what can ya do? The poor girl has probably had a guy tell her "sorry, my church teaches..." as an excuse.
After FHE Tuesday night I was trying to play the piano. I am learning hymns Mom! Are you proud? Right hand only of course, but still. So I was practicing one that isnt in the English hymn book, number 44. Cant remember the name of it, but its good. So I was practicing it, and some old South American lady came over and was trying to help me. Yeah I can barely get through religious topics. Needless to say, I didnt understand any of her part italian, part Milanese dialect, part Spanish explanation of how to play the piano. So I just said "Ok, grazie" over and over and finally she gave up haha.
Thats one thing I havent written about. Each area or city has their own dialect. So a guy in my ward named Antonello loves to talk to me in Milanese. He thinks its hilarious. Hes a funny guy. He always wears different Juarassic Park ties to Church. Thats kind of his personality.
Thats pretty much it. Matteo, the kid from conference, came to Church but got a phone call and left fife minutes later. Then we have Giovanna, the lady with the bap date, who we havent seen. She went with her boyfriend to "the mountains." No clue what that means, but were seeing her Saturday morning.
One thing thats been really frustrating, is that Italians dont talk how I talk. I guess I dont speak very proper, and use lots of phrases that dont translate. For example "hang out" or "Im toast." I got lots of confused looks when I said "Sto tostato." Thats been what has gotten me down the most. Its not the learning the language thats frustrating me, its that I cant say what I want to say. Not because I dont know how to say it, but because Italians DONT say it. I cant tell you how many times ive asked Anziano Davis how to say something and he says "Oh, they dont really say that here." So thats the only thing thats really gotten me down ive figured out. Its hard being me I guess.
Dad, President Wolfgramm said he did my endorsement, so if you could make sure im applied and everything thatd be great!
Oh, we had lunch with a guy in our ward named Fratello Short. Hes English, so thats awesome! Hes got a sweet apartment with his wife right next to San Siro, where AC Milan and Inter play. Literally right next to it. He said that the AC Milan "cougar club equivelant" meets in his building. His wife is the principal at a private school where all the rich important kids go. Like the President of Italy, all the players for AC Milan and Inter, and Zlatan Ibrohimavic. Hes one of the best players in the world. So Brother Short goes and helps with sports day and stuff like that and talks to them all the time. He said that they all have security guards, and walked past a car when the trunk was open. There was a full arsenal of machine guns, etc. in there. I want to go do contacting there now.
Thats pretty much it from my end. Its crazy that next Wednesday, a new transfer of missionaries come in. Im not the baby anymore. Hopefully people will stop asking if im a new 18 year old missionary, cause I get that almost every day haha.
I love you all! Thanks for writing me. Kate, im still waiting from a letter from you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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