Wednesday, August 21, 2013

21 Aug 13

This week was pretty unexciting and kind of a let down.
I forgot to write last week, that we had a really good Monday doing finding work. We talked to a guy who said he'd read the Book of Mormon in five days, and then a South American family interested in the Book of Mormon.

So with the guy who said he'd read the Book of Mormon: We called him after five days, and told us to meet him in the park. We go to the park at 6, and call him. He says hes arriving. We wait half an hour, and I call back. He answers and then when I ask him how long he needs he hangs up on us. So I was pretty bugged about that. Then 30 minutes later, we went back to the park and he was there with his friend. So I asked him if he wants to talk, and he said "yes. I read half of the Book of Mormon. Im at the part where Joseph Smith is talking to the American Indians." I told him that Joseph Smith wasnt actually in the Book of Mormon, and he said "Yeah yeah I know, its another translation of the Bible." Thats one of the things that has bugged me the most being out here, when people are either flaky or a liar. Drives me nuts.
Buuuut we should have a baptism this Saturday! Its been kind of a scramble getting everything done. So were praying that everything goes well and we can get him dunked!
Im looking at my planner, and realizing how boring of a week this was. We had every single other religion argue with us this week. One thing ive learned is how little sense some teachings of other churches make, and how much sense our doctrine makes. Growing up in Utah, I didnt realize how real the Great Apostasy is. One quote I heard this week that I really like: "The Church just makes sense, its like its true or something!"
I love South Americans. A lot of our less actives were working with are from South American, and they seriously are awesome. The problem is, most have to work on Sundays so cant come to Church. But were making really good progress with a lot of them!
I cant believe school and football season is starting already. Its a little sad to miss football season, so Dad'll have to keep me updated. One thing that im looking forward to is being in Italy during the World Cup. Thatll be super cool!
Thats all from this side of the pond. I wish I had more good stories this week, but I dont. Ill try and be more exciting next week haha. I love you all! Do well in school girls! Read your scriptures!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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