Wednesday, August 28, 2013

28 Aug 13

Sorry my subject lines are always the same. I try to think of something clever every week, but I never can. Anyways.
We got a baptism this past Saturday! I was really nervous about it, because when we did the practice interview, it turns out one of the commandments got explained really poorly. So we werent sure if it was going to go through. But everything worked out, and hes awesome. His name is Nicolò, and is like 26 years old. The coolest guy! Anziano Hillyard did the baptising, and I did the confirming. Our ward mission leader wasnt at the baptism, so he asked us to ask a member to conduct. We asked this member, and he said he didnt know how. So I ended up conducting the baptism. Yeah..I dont know how to conduct in english, so Italian was interesting. To make things better, President Dibb and his wife came! Pressure is on! No, but it went really well, and were really excited about him.
It stinkin POURED this week. It rained seriously a ton this past three or four days. We were in the middle of a park when the tempest hit, and hour away from our house. So we were soaking wet and freezing all day, but I guess thats the life, right? It was funny though, when we got home, Anziano Moore and Ackerman were at home too changing their clothes, cause they got hit pretty hard to.
Lesson count is kinda low right now. We have two investigators in town, and they work a ton so we can only see them once every week and a half. So were doing finding work all day every day. Thats been making the days long. Not that I dont like finding work, but teaching is 100000000x more fun.

Dad, you asked what that building was that i sent you. Its a castle in Milano. Dont know anything else about it really, other than the fact that theyve got a museum in there of old armour and weapons and stuff. Its right by the Arc of Peace, built by Napoleon. I think its pretty much the same thing as the Arc di Triumph in Paris? And about the boat crash in Venice. Havent heard a thing. The only news we get is from home, or glancing at newspaper headlines as we pass news stands. I just found out Ford went out of business from Anziano Hillyard, so im a little out of the loop.
Its crazy how fast time flies. Some guy the other day asked how long wed been speaking Italian. Its been SEVEN MONTHS. Thats insane to me. I remember when I was saying 3 weeks like it was yesterday.
Were working hard over here! I absolutely love South Americans. A lot of them are less active, so were working really closely with them. Theres one lady who is from Peru who is active (we call her Hermana), but all but one of her kids are inactive. So were getting to know this family really well, and theyre all awesome.
Thats pretty much it from over here! Crazy that transfers are this next week again. Anziano HIllyard is probably gone, so we'll see who my next companion is! Fingers crossed.
I love you all! Girls keep workin hard in school, and Amanda, have fun at homecoming! Hope you all have a good week, BYU beats Virginia, and Utah State pounds Utah!

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