Wednesday, October 22, 2014

15 Oct 14

Subject: Transfer 14 Week 4

Hey again.

So here is the weekly rundown. 

Thursday we taught our high school class again and they filmed us to show to future generations. So pretty much were going to be famous here in Piacenza for the next few years. We werent allowed to "proselyte" technically, but it was still really cool to share the message of the Restoration with 60 kids.

Sunday we had a huge lesson with a family that we're working with. The Dad has taken longer than the others but he did a great job reading all week and he said that he's ready to prepare himself to be baptized! Then the mom said that she wasnt quit ready yet even though she's been ready for like 3 months. So we had a huge step forward with him and a little step back with her, but we're gettin there!

Monday. Monday monday monday. So we woke up to our street flooding over and I had the beginning of a cold that got gradually worse all day. So we had to go to Modena for District Meeting/Interviews. So we had to leave here around 1 to get to Modena by 430. Its only a one hour train ride but we went early because once bad weather hits everything goes into chaos with public transport. It was a good call because we got there at 4:15. So that was a long afternoon. District Meeting went well and I passed my interview so things are looking good. I got some scary news that every missionary that i've served with/lived with has finished their mission and is either engaged or married. So when I get home I will be going to school in Neverland until i'm atleast 30. Assuming that you can age in Neverland. Anyways. 

So this storm that hit us came from Genova, where there had been severe flooding for a few days (to the point where the missionaries couldnt go outside for a few days, which never happens here). The storm hit Piacenza and followed the train line through Parma to Modena. Parma apparently is the regional headquarters place for our phone company. Their building got flooding so we've been without working cell phones for a few days. Which means we cant set up appointments and we've got lots of strada to do. They started working again this afternoon so hopefully we can get some stuff set up.

So after interviews we went to the train station to find our train delayed by an hour. We were lucky though becuase there were some trains with 150 minute delays. So we finally got home Monday night, and my cold had went from "this is annoying" to "I hate my life" so that was the longest train ride of my entire life. I was inside pretty much all day yesterday sick while the rains came down and the floods came up, and now its today. Im feeling a lot better today but still kind of it. A guy asked us what church we're from and I said "La chiesa di Gesu Cristo dei Santi degli ultimi dias." Don't ask me why I said "Days" is Spanish instead of Italian because I still dont have a clue. 

Last night we still went and saw a member family and while we were on the bus, we were talking to some ladies. I guess congestion is an american accent multiplier because I havent had any mention my accent for awhile, and these ladies said "You can totally hear that you're american!" Thanks ladies, now i'm going to cough on you. Just kidding. 

Then today after P-Day im going to Reggio to do a scambio and yeah. That pretty muc sums up the week!

I hope everything is going well at home! Well, my companion just said that our phone network is down again so that really sucks alot. So we're going to have to find Anziano Burton and Smith later today without cell phones. I dont know how you less young people lived without modern technology. I hope you all have a great week, and I love you so so so much!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

PS please forgive any grammatical mistakes that I may have made. Thanks.

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