Wednesday, October 22, 2014

22 Oct 14

Subject: Transfer 14 Week 5

Good week!

This week I feel like it didnt even happen because I wasnt in Piacenza very much. Wednesday I went to Reggio Emilia and was there all of Thursday, Friday was pretty normal, Saturday was packed so it flew (yeah, we got the phones working again), Sunday was packed as well. Every Sunday we go visit members with our branch president, who is the best. He's in his seventies but works like he's in his thirties. We've become really good friends while ive been here, so its great to work with him a lot. 

Monday I went to Modena for another exchange and was there until Tuesday afternoon. I swear the worst thing ever invented is the mosquito. There was one in our room in Modena and I swear there isnt a more annoying noise than a mosquito buzzing in your ear. So that wakes you up and then you start itching and you never fall asleep. I think I might have mentioned this before, but my testimony that Outter Darkness is really a giant swarm of "zanzare tigre" has grown from a seed to almost perfect knowledge. 

It was good to go to Modena, I had a really good time. I went with Anziano Guzzle, who is in my group and we had a blast. Then last night we saw a part member family that blew our expectations out of the water. We'd seen them before, and their non member husband didnt seem super interested. We became friends with him on the ride home, and then last night we passed by and he had SO many questions about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. So we're excited to work with them more.

Remember that primary lesson where you put rice and golf balls in a jar and try and fit everything in? Where if you put the rice first it doesnt work but if you put the golf balls in first it does? Well that one works like a charm. We have an investigator who is ready to be baptized but doesnt feel like he has enough time to give to the church. We haven't fixed any dates yet, but this lesson got his wheels turnin for sure.

Other updates, our ward mission leader got back from his honeymoon! Its really good to have him back. And then there is a family who is the best that weve been working with for a long time. Theyve been coming to church for months and are just right there. They're super prepared and ready, we're just waiting for that last little click and we're there.

Which brings me to transfers. We find out about transfers on Saturday. It's kind of a big deal because this will be Anziano Mallari's last transfer. So it looks like i'll either leave now or i'll finish my mission here in Piacenza. I want to stay so so so badly. Everybody talks about seeing cool cities and stuff, but the absolute best part about an area are the friendships that you develop with members and investigators. Other than Verona, I havent been in any of the "poster board" beautiful cities in Italy, but I would be so content finishing in little old Piacenza. But we'll see what happens I guess!

That's all ive got for this week. Keep being good people and CTRing! I hope the home comings both go well! Mom, could you email me Kenny's last email home? Brandon said it was incredible. Thanks! I love you all so so so much!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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