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12 Nov 14

Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 5:31:14 AM
Subject: Transfer 15 Week 2

Well this week was cold and rainey. AH. Before I forgot. P Day is going to be next THURSDAY instead of Wednesday, so when you don't get an email Wednesday, i'm still alive. We have to go to Verona! for a zone conference.

Our investigators have kind of particular schedules, so we can see them very infrequently. This means we have lots of finding work to do! So we've both been pushing hard to push through and finish strong, and give as many people as possible the chance to hear the Gospel. Right now, we've kind of been ice cold in our finding efforts, but we're pushing through. I don't have a lot to report this week because investigators have been sick so we really haven't seen hardly anyone this week. 

One sad thing, our ward mission leader is moving. It's kind of a happy sad thing, because he just got married and found a new job down in his hometown. We went and saw him last night, and he and his wife left this morning. It was sad because he's been one of my best friends here in Piacenza, and been a real big support. Piacenza has been a pretty big challenge, and he's helped me get through a lot of difficult things. He was the AP here in Milano right before Dylan got here. Ask Dylan if he ever met an Anziano Casti. Anyways, that was our sad news of the week.

Dad, you'll think this is funny. I was talking to Anziano Mallari about football. He's a student at the U and doesn't follow it very much. He told me "I don't know anything about Utah's football team, except that we're in the PAC 12." And I said to him, "Well, if you only know one thing, that'd be the thing you'd know."

Here is a story from last week I forgot to send. So we were going to the store last week and on our bikes. I'm in front and my companion yells from behind "Anziano! I just saw a giraffe!"I was thinking "Look man, you have to drink more water or something, you did not see a giraffe." When we got off our bikes he asked "Did you see it? Did you see the giraffe???" Nope. So we were on our way back home and I looked over, and there were some camels sitting in a field. So I pulled over and was like "Dude! There are camels over here!" And he came up and said "I told you!!!" Turns out there was a circus. There were lions and tigers and bears. Oh my. We actually only saw the tiger, camels, the giraffe, two elephants and some zebras. So i've repented from thinking that my companion is a lunatic and have a picture with a giraffe.

That's really all that I have this week. I have a scambio with an Anziano Stoll tomorrow. That'll be fun because we were in the same biology class at Skyline! So i'll report on that next week. Have a great week everyone! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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