Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Feb 2013

Hello family!!!

Sorry it took me so long to write home. My P day is on Thursdays and I guess we didn't work hard enough to get one last week. So I guess here's the rundown. And pardon my spelling, I’m getting into Italian mode.

Anziano Burton is my companion. He's from Washington. He reminds me of Keith kind of, but as I’ve gotten to know him he is literally SO CLOSE to being Brennen. He's got the same sense of humor and same laugh. That has helped me out a lot to have a "familiar" face. I was kind of nervous because he considers himself a "Brony," or someone who writes My Little Pony fan fiction. Nope, that's not a joke. He is actually really cool though, and I like him a lot. He is an incredible singer. He was on American Idol and made it to Hollywood! He was on the season that Phil Phillips was on.

My roommates are cool. Anz. Mata'u is the one we saw at the Provo temple! he is an awesome kid. Then his comp. Anz. Simcox is from Ohio. All three of them are great at singing, so I feel like I’m in the Motab hang out spot. It's just like being at home, except instead of girl singers it's boys.

I LOVE my district. They are Anz. Taylor, Smith and Anz. Loveitt, Herrin. Anz. Herrin went to Alta and SUU but I never met him. Then there are sorelle McCann, Accerson, Seere. sorella McCann says her mom told her about a Mariah McKinnon, so maybe we know her? I got mom's letter saying she's Holland's granddaughter, so that's cool. Its awesome that her mom and Dad were friends. Sor. Accerson lived in Italy when her parents were mission presidents in Milan. She remembers Dylan, and thought we were brothers cause of the last name and we look alike.

My first day was crazy. the teachers speak nothing but Italian. Anz. Burton is really good and Sor. Accerson sounded like Rosetta Stone herself. I thought I was so toast? on the first day, but I’m getting better. We are the first six week program ever, and the biggest group going over to Italy. i guess the pope heard about us so he retired. 

My teacher, fratello Garvin says he met Dylan at a ZC. Fratelli Taylor and Bulloch both know Dylan as well. Bulloch went on splits with him I guess and Taylor met him somewhere. bulloch is the guy in charge of the Italian department, and I guess David Fife taught him. Pretty cool!

Italian is HARD. It is so frustrating, but it's starting to click. Mom, you asked if we started SYL. Yup, from day one. we taught our first lesson in Italian on day three. Anz. burton carried me on my back haha. The days are LONG. In the same classroom for 9.5 hours took getting used to, but it's easy now. The sleep schedule hasn't been bad. There was only one lesson where it was hard to stay awake, but the rest I’ve been ready to go. Our requirement by the end of the MTC are: Basic Grammar, 500 vocab, 150 phrases, 20 scriptures. It makes seminary look like cake.

I'm just running down a list of what I wrote down to write to you, so sorry i'm jumping around. Thank you to Cheryl for the valentine's card, and thanks to Grandma and Grandpa McKinnon, the Poulos, and Grants. There packages have been awesome!

If you could send me Kenny, James' and Brandon's address' that would be awesome.

My pants ripped already, but Anz. Loveitt helped me sew them. What a guy! I love seeing people I know. I've run into tons of people from Skyline and Brighton, and even Caleb Eggbert from Orem. I actually ran into Kyle Jessee on my way to write this and got a picture with him. he says thank you so much for the letter you wrote him. Watching Asian kids (who speak asian) try and speak Spanish is one of the funniest things ever.

Ask Laurel/Sherry/Lynette if KJB email each other. If they do, can I get their emails also?

I went to the consulate in Salt Lake yesterday and got my Visa. I'm ready to go! On the way out, we joked with our escort that she should let us go to jimmy john's right next door, and she let us! It was awesome to get a slim 3 and Dr Pepper!

Seeing McKenzie was awesome. It seriously made my day! If you could send me the picture of us that would be much appreciated.

I have letters to the girls in the mail, along with Jeremy's so tell them to sit tight and be patient. Jackson Smith also sent me a letter, so his letter is on the way as well.

It hasn't been all good here. There are a lot of dudes who walk around in the bathrobes who look like they're getting ready for the title weight fight, and there is a constant ringing in my room. I'm getting used to it, but it's hard getting to sleep.

 I got some awesome advice on day one. anz. burton and I asked some guy who's been here for ten weeks for advice. He thinks for about a minute and says "well....stay away from the Orange Juice and teriyaki burgers. They give you EXPLOSIVE diarrhea." I seriously died laughing.

If you could send me a watch, my retainer, and whatever else I mentioned earlier in the letter that would be awesome. If you could find a way to send me more white socks for exercise and one more sweatshirt that would be AWESOME. Shoulder is doing well, I’m keeping up on my physical therapy.

A few days ago, I was so mad at myself because I was struggling with the language so much. I was just frustrated. (I know I shouldn't though, don't worry). i was in a bad mood, and got back to my dorm. Anz. Matau talked about how he was feeling sick. I got this feeling "Hey Christian, you've got to calm down. he's going to ask for a blessing and you need to be in the right state of mind to give it." I did some pushups and sit ups, and just relaxed for a little bit. I calmed down, and sure enough, Anz. matau asked for a blessing, and I got to take part in that. I've learned so much about the holy ghost while I’ve been here.

Sorry there are words and stuff squished together. These computers are so bad. I've got 30 minutes of Email time, and I’ve been on here for like 40 and I still have time from my timer left. I don't have anything else to report, so I just wanted to say I love you all. thanks for the letters and packages, they are seriously awesome. I get the mail every day, but I just can't write back till Thursday. Oh, could you also send me some scripture mastery cards in English? they told me I’d wish I had them on my mission and I didn't believe them. I love writing in my journal, that's going to be a masterpiece when I’m done. Yeah that's just about it. Looking over my notes I don't have anything else to report.

I guess I’ll end with how much I love you all. thanks for all the love and support. good job Kate on getting some sweet parts in the play, and keep working hard. Amanda and Sophie, I hope everything is going well at your new schools. mom and dad, I love you so much! I'm missing you a lot more than I thought I would (no offence) but I’m doing great. I love you all!

Anziano Christian McKinnon

PS will you write me a letter just so I know this went through? Thanks!
PSS I’m leaving the MTC on march 19 and flying to Chicago, London, then Italy. Almost there!

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