Monday, February 25, 2013

Candy Bar Valentine

Wanted to share with you Christian's Candy Bar Valentine that we sent him on Valentine's Day.  We had to cut 2 poster boards into fourths to get all of the candy on (and to fit it into the box).

Dear Christian,

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Don’t worry that you don’t have a Sweetart and aren’t getting any Kisses.  Most of the girls around her now are probably Nerds and Milkduds anyway.  You’re a Mr Goodbar out serving the Lord.  This is a 100 Grand experience filled with lots of mo-Mentos and everlasting Almond Joy.

Beware in Italy of those young Hot Tamales!  You may need to make a Fast Break and keep your distance.  But it’s Up 2 U (gum) how you React. (gum) But don’t be a DumDum.  Righteousness brings a huge Payday!

When you get home you’ll meet some Cuddly Cuties (Valentine Day Chocolate bear) AND some Airheads.  Then one day you’ll Skor and meet a Bit-O-Honey that will send you into Orbit (gum) and you’ll see Starbursts.  Don’t be a Sucker and Rollo around looking for Extra Fruit Sensations.(gum)  Those are Twix of the devil.  Wait for the woman whose love is Good & Plenty.

Try not to have Butterfingers when you pull out the Ring Pop.  You’ll be a gread Duo (gum) and before you know it you’ll have a bunch of Junior Mints running around.  Have lots of Snickers on your mission.  We love you Mounds.  XO, your family

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