Thursday, March 21, 2013

21 Mar 13

I got a call from Italy yesterday from an Office Elder I presume, maybe one of the APs?  I didn't get his name but he called to say Christian has arrived safely.  He will be going out to contact, have an interview with his mission president hopefully get some sleep and today will be sent off with his trainer to his first area.  Christian's first area will be in Milan, serving in the Lampugnano Ward, which I'm told is the western part of Milan.  I think the missionary said there are 3 wards in Milan.  He will be meeting in a Stake Center bldg for church.  His trainer is "Elder Davis" from I don't know where!  From his name I assume he's American.  But anyway, Christian's Pday will be on Wednesdays so we won't hear from him for a week.

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