Wednesday, March 27, 2013

27 Mar 13

Dear family

first let me say sorry for all the typos im about to have. this thing < is where shift is on an american keyboard and à is where ' this is. stupid. oh well though.

Week one kind of flew by. I'm beyond exhausted, but thatàs ok. Anziano Davis is awesome. He's from Texas, and is actually in James mission, but he doesnàt speak spanish. hes been out for just over a year and is awesome. hes super patient, and he kind of looks like Ben Hutchins, but with black hair and Jeff Hutchins face shape. If that makes any sense at all. Hes also our district leader, so i guess that means im pretty cool also.

Sorry the phone call ended short. I think I just ran out of time on the pay phone, but its all good. Ill be honest i have no clue when mothers day is, but you all say its soon, so ill talk to you soon!

Speaking Italian is hard. I stopped nine people in a row on the street yesterday, and they all said "non capisco" aka Christian doesnt know how to speak Italian. Its a good thing the tenth person said they werent interested or i would have started crying. not that its good that they werent interested, but at least they understood me haha. the first few days were hard. we had zero lessons, nobody was interested, and nobody let us into their house. then finally on monday i think it was we got a referall from the office. the guys name is marrio and is super old. he doesnt believe in God because God has never answered his prayers. He has tons of weird questions like why does god let capitol punishment happen. i only understand like 16% of what is going on, so thats been frustrating. Anyways, we gave him and his wife a book of mormon, and we have an appointment again tomorrow night. he really wants to believe god exists, but he doesnt want to not get an answer again. its really sad, cause you can just tell he wants this to be true, but he is scared it wont be.

We have five other investigators, Roberto and his wife Silvia, and the Ursula and her two daughters. I havent met any of them yet, but im sure theyre stellar. Then last night at family home evening, a guy who was about to be baptized but then didnt want to pay tithing showed up, and we have an appointment with him.

The ward here is awesome. Our WML looks, I kid you not, identical to Willam Defoe. I know Brandon said his MTC companion looked like him, but this guy is his twin. Ill try and get a picture, once I figure out how to say Will you take a picture with me. But yeah its the biggest ward in Italy, and I think the biggest in Europe. I think i heard that somewhere. Anyways the people here are super awesome and nice. We ate at a mans house named Fratello Melandry. He is the nicest guy ever. His wife just passed away, but hes doing really well. He fed us frozen lasagna. If American frozed food tasted that good, id be super fat. speaking of which, ive gained fifteen pounds since i left. i look the exact same though so dont worry. but yeah, my ward is awesome.

my area is milano lampangano, and it used to be Milan 1. Dad and Mom, you both said david fife served here? ask him if he has any referals for me. its still pretty cold outside, so any chance i get to go inside ill take it. this area is like the most western side of milan. you can go on and look at ward bounderies, and our bounderies are the milano lampangano ward bounderies if you want to check it out. im a pro at the metro and bus system now.

im learning how to cook mom! thats another thing Anziano Davis is teaching me. so now I can make toast AND pasta haha. No i can make a little more italian than that. so when i get home i should be a pro. me and dylan can do iron chef italia or something.

so they changed the email rule! i have an hour and a half now and can email friends and stuff. so my email is so anyone can feel free to beam me an electronic mail. ps i got the easter card mom, so thank you! Could you also send me Brandon and James and Jeremys mission emails? im sure itll be easier to find brandon and james than jers but if you could find them that would be awesome. I got an email from Kenny already so ive already got his.

I think thats pretty much it! lots of walking, lots of rejection, but we get strong from doing hard things, right Dad? oh im glad BYU is doing well in the NIT. If you could send me anything interesting about BYU spring football that would be awesome. Oh, Sorrella McCann is in Como just in case youre wondering Dad. Its cool you and Mary were friends in HS cause McCann was one of my best friends at the MTC.

But yeah I think thats it! I wish our time zones were a little closer, but thats ok. I love you all, and thanks for all the support! Youre the best! Let me know if you have any questions.

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

PS-I saw Brady Call at the MTC! Hes Brandons friend who came to my farewell. That seriously was the best thing in the whole world. I love that kid. If you could let the Poulos family know that hes doing well, that would be awesome! Love you all again!

PS again - haha sorry I forgot so many things this week. One experience then one favor. First, could you send me an email address that I could reach Brennen Conlee at? That would be awesome.

So yesterday we stopped a girl named Anna. We said something about true happiness. She said Oh, you look like angels! Shes from Labanaise (Lebanon?) or something like that. Shes been relying on the Savior a lot recently, becasue work and stuff werent going very well. Only problem is shes going back to Lebenenene next week. So we gave her a BoM and she said shell read it and call as if shes ever back in Italy. She said she thinks God wanted us to find her, and that we really were Angels. Stuff like this makes all the frustration and dissapointment ok. and she spoke English! so that was good for me haha.

Again, I love you all so much!


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