Wednesday, May 8, 2013

08 May 13

Another week! A lot better than the last two, numbers wise at least. Weve had a rough stretch, where we taugh a total of six lessons in two weeks. But this weeks weve had some pretty cool miracles happen.
Here is my favorite story from the mission so far. We were doing Casa (door to door) and we knock of this door (Monday night). We hear an old lady on the other side say "its two boys!" so they open and theres an old man. We say were missionaries of Jesus Christ and he says "avanti!" (Forward or come in!) So we go in and there are crosses and pictures of the virgin mary and just Catholic stuff. You know what I mean when I say that. So we go and sit in there living room and I start thinking "Oh they are going to be SO mad when they find out we arent Catholic." Not that its misleading to say were missionaries of Jesus Christ, because its true, but I feel like if we said "Its the Mormons!" they wouldnt have let us in. So we ask if we can start with a prayer, and Anziano Davis starts. Five seconds in the guy goes "Wait! Wheres your cross!?" So im thining Ok here we go. So Anziano Davis explains that we dont use the cross and focus on the living Christ. So the old man says "Ok, we are finished here" but his wife stopped him and said "We can all believe how we want to believe." So he let us stay and she went to bed. So we talked a little bit and explained the Joseph Smith story. He wasnt happy but he took it better than how I thought he would and seemed interested. Then he started talking about his life. Hes 90 years old (his wife is 92) and has been a super devot catholic ever since. He fought in World War 2 for Italy (I think for the good guys in Italy though) and was a POW. He prayed to the Madonna every night and he was finally released. Some Germans gave him some holy water to or something. But then he asked if we believed in the Madonna and we said no. He got super concerned and went "Ooooooooooooh." Like we were in trouble haha. But he said "I dont know why im still alive. I have a mom and dad, and a sister who was a nun, and theyre all dead. I pray every night and say "God, im ready whenever you are." Im just waiting for the time that im reunited with my family." So we left him with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. He really liked us at the end. He was a really nice guy.
So I liked this a ton. I am positive that hes still alive so that he could hear our message, and maybe he'll remember it on the other side. it showed me that missionary work isnt all about baptism. It was seriously cool.
Second experience I loved from this week. Sunday night we were doing Casa. We ring this door and the guy says "Youre Mormon right? Want to come up?" I had never had anyone let us in before, so this was exciting. So this guy who let us up has a BoM from 1997, and had met with the missionaries. He said that ever since, he had wondered if the Book of Mormon was true. So were teaching him now! He likes me a lot.
So this week is looking like itll be a lot better than the last two combined. Weve taught five lessons Monday and Tuesday combined, and tonight well have our 6th so well have already taught more than the last two weeks. We have two new investigators lined up. One of them has a Book of Mormon and loves it, the first we dont really know anything about. We got him as a referal from the office.
So Mothers Day! Were 8 hours ahead of you here I think. The only time that I could call where you would be at home would be before Church. So Im going to call at 3pm Milano time. I hope no one has meetings or anything. Its kind of annoying trying to figure this out like this when you cant tell me if there is something going on. So pray that everything will work out! If we get to use Skype thatll be awesome. I keep asking Anziano Davis what the plan is and he just says "Well probably go to a members house." So I dont have lots of information and dont have a ton to go on. Oh well. Itll all work out. Dad, I have a feeling you have a meeting then. Im sorry if you do, but thats the only time I can call so hopefully you can get out of it. Sorry its so early, we just cant call after 8 so thats the problem.
Thats it for this week! Not a ton thats happened. We got two new sisters in our ward, so we now have a total of 4 sisters and us 2 elders. The work is picking up! I love you all!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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