Wednesday, May 22, 2013

22 May 13

Hello family!
I cant believe this transfer is half over.
Fun week. I did a scambio with Anziano Droghei on Monday. Hes from Idaho and is going to play football at Utah State when he gets home. He has one and a half transfers left, so it was cool to learn from him. He knows Taysom Hill and says hes a stud. So Droghei came to Milano with me and Anziano Davis went to Como for a day. Anziano Droghei is seriously awesome. Hes way less serious than Anziano Davis. He is still an awesome missionary, he just has fun at the same time. So that was an awesome change of pace. We found an awesome South American family that we have an appointment with tonight.

So in our ward were doing a 40 day fast for missionary work. Its where each of the days, a family in a ward will fast. So we passed around a sign up sheet in Church. Five families signed up for fast sunday. Very clever, but I think they missed the point. Italians!
We taught a high school class this morning. We were doing casa a few weeks ago and ran into this teacher who teaches a religion class. So we went and taught them this morning the first lesson, talked about the Rome temple, and showed them the "Im a Mormon" video by Brandon Flowers. Made me a little home sick to hear the music, but it was still good! It was weird, considering a year ago I was in a high school religion class.

Funny experience this past week. There were like 8 apartment buildings that were all enclosed in a fence. Someone left the door open so we just went in. As we were ringing the doors, the meanest, scariest old lady ever (sorry for judging) came and asked us for a cigarette. We didnt have one (obvi), so she was really mad at us, but luckily someone accidently unlocked the door as they hung up the telephone thing at the bottom of the stairs. We were able to escape. So the rest of the night we had to sneak around trying to avoid this lady. We saw her once from the other side of the complex screaming at some kids playing soccer, and she spotted us. She started rumblin on over towards us, and we ran into an apartment building that someone had left the door propped open. We were sitting there pounding on the elevator button, but it wasnt coming fast enough. We could hear her coming. It was like being in a scary movie haha. So the elevator didnt come in time, so we had to hide in a door way. I lived to tell the tale.

Our ward mission leader's son got his mission call to London! Im really excited for him. Hes a super good kid. I was hoping hed get called to Utah so you all could take care of him, cause his family is taking good care of me here.

Not a ton of news here. We got dumped by Roberto and Silvia, a couple weve been teaching for three months. They just stopped talking with us. Im kind of glad, because they werent progressing at all and their lessons always turned into long bible bashing discussions. Its to bad, but maybe in the future theyll listen!

Our next investigator is Andrea, the boyfriend of our ward mission leaders daughter. Hes super nice, but is taking a step back because he needs to make sure hes meeting with us for him, and not for her. Understandable.

Then we have Emanuele. Hes a 70 year old guy who never leaves his house. The missionaries met with him in 1997, and he still has the Book of Mormon that they gave him. Hes always wondered if the BoM is true, but never knew. Hes an awesome guy, but kind of stubborn (welcome to Italy). He wants to know if its true, but wont pray for it. He wont pray with us, and when he prays alone he prays to understand. Hes getting better though, on Monday as we were finishing the lesson, Anziano Droghei was praying. In the middle, Emanuele says "Wait! Ask him if the Book of Mormon is true!" So the desire is coming, it might take awhile though.

Dad, President says that the online endorsement has been recieved, so hopefully we'll find out soon.
So I could only send two pictures because this computer is being real dumb. But there is another email with two pictures! Ill get it sorted out next week or something.

Thats it from this end! Not a very exciting week. Anyways I love you all! Keep CTRing!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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