Wednesday, May 15, 2013

15 May 13


Long time no see? It was good to see you all on Mothers Day! I thanked the Shorts again for letting me use their computer. Dad, I forgot to tell you, their house is literally next door to San Siro Stadium, where Milan and Inter play. There was a match that night so there were tons of people tailgating outside.
Nothing to exciting from these past three days. We met with a family from the Phillipines monday night. They fed us Phillipine food. I cant remember now if it was Greg or David that served in the Phillipines, but it was cool to see what they lived on for two years. It was good! It has nothing on Italian food, but it was good to have a change of scenery I guess. The only problem was the chicken had little bones in them, and the only way to find them was after they were in my mouth. So I got pretty good at discretely taking the bones out of my mouth when they werent looking. After dinner they made us do Kareoke.  That was exciting. So I sang Eye of the Tiger for them. First and last time ill do kareoke. It might have been against the rules, but we didnt want to be rude because I guess all the other missionaries that had eaten at their house did it also. I think I can put a big check on the section in Preach My Gospel of gaining the trust of members. Nothing brings members and missionaries closer than Survivor. You can call me the Italian Stallion now.
I guess Phillipine O's (sorry to make them sound like the name of a cereal) like American names. The husbands name is Arnold, the wife is Michelle, and their three year old daugther? Her name is Army Princess Joy. The force is strong with this one.
I read that Brandon, Kenny, and James are all training now? Thats pretty exciting. Rachel, youre next haha.
Last night I gave my first spur-of-the-moment-zero-preperation spiritual thought as a missionary. Thank goodness President Wolfgramm has us do a thing called "Popp Charts" every day. A popp chart is where with your companion you do a two minute "lesson" on a section from the lessons in chapter 3 of PMG. He promised me that if I do my Popp Charts every day (four) I will have complete mastery over Italian and know the Church basic principles better than 95% of the members of the Church by the end of my mission. So im working really hard on those, and im thankful that I am because thats what I used for the Spiritual Thought.
Funny story I forgot to tell you over Skype. We had an appointment with a less active member who lives in the same apartment complex as two of our investigators. We got to the appointment 10 minutes early and were making phone calls, and we see our two investigators (Roberto and Silvia) get home from the park. We talk to them and they invite us in for ten minutes for a drink while we wait. Were sitting there talking, and their cat is on the balcony watching the birds fly by. Silvia says "He always acts like hes going to catch one, but hes really to scared." Five minutes later, a bird flies in the house, hits the wall, and the cat runs over and snatches it out of the air. Roberto starts hitting the cat to let the bird go, Silvia starts screaming and crying and runs out of the room, and Anziano Davis and I are just kind of sitting there watching. Of course, im trying not to laugh because 1. That was the coolest thing ive ever seen and 2. the reactions were so funny. Roberto eventually got the cat to let go, the bird got away, and Silvia calmed down. Cant wait to see the instant replay on that one when im dead.
This Sunday there were four Americans in our ward from Utah who were visiting. Two couples, and were super nice. The two guys play (or played) rugby at Utah, and one coached Skylines rugby team. They know James, so thats cool.
Im glad Kates play went well, and hopefully Sophie doesnt have mono. Shes busted if she does! And Amanda, I think you should try out for lacross. I think youd like it.
Thats it from me! Ill send pictures next week. I need to buy a cord that works with my camera, but next week I should be good to go. I love you all!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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