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03 Jul 13

Dylan wrote me while I was in the MTC and told me where he served. He said there is a Sister McKinnon is Genova, and I am happy to report she is alive and well. I didnt meet her, but one of the missionaries from Genova told me about her. So thats good news!
If anyone reading this ever goes to a lesson with the missionaries, I have a few rules. 1 Let the missionaries teach. 2 Dont teach false doctrine. (maybe dont put this first line of the paragraph in the blog) Me and Anziano Miller did a scambi, where I took one member and he took another to different lessons. I took an older Italian who loves missionary work. I love the effort, but it kinda went... not picture perfect. It was on the day of the martydom of Joseph Smith and this investigator is starting to look like an eternal investigator. Hes 71 years old, and said he believes everything we teach him is true, hes just scared to switch religions at the end of his life. hes also got lots of health problems. So were kinda preparing him so he can make the right decision after this life. Anyways I wanted to read DC 135 with him, and bear my testimony and talk about what he was reading in the Book of Mormon. Short sweet and simple. We were there for an hour and a half, and ended up explaining the pioneers expedition. Different version from what ive heard though. Hes the version that ended up being taught: George Washington (yes, good old George) sent the US army to kill the Mormons, they high tailed it to Utah, and when the armies got there the Mormons sent all their kids, dressed in white, to plead with the soldiers. The soldiers decided that the Mormons are the nicest people in the world and told George that they couldnt kill them. Then the eagles came and ate the crickets. I really am grateful that our member was willing to come with us, and really love his desire to share the gospel. I should have done a better job explaining what the lesson plan was, but thats why we can become better, right?
So heres what im learning from Anziano Miller. Hes really teaching me how this mission can help me out as well. Hes teaching me that this isnt just service to the Lord, but I can improve on things that arent necessary for my salvation. For one, hes teaching me how to cook. I told you Anziano Davis taught me how to cook, but Anziano Miller is teaching me how to COOK. Hes also teaching me how to clean. Or atleast hes helping me have a desire to be clean. So were turning me into a "neat freak." I told him that I want this to be my goal, and hes helping me. Ive done a pretty good job making my bed on my mission, but now im doing it military style. And my desk was maybe a little cluttered, but now its SPOTLESS. So im really trying to get into that habit. This ones for you Mom! Hes also teaching me, if I want to do something, go get it. I told when he first got here "Anziano, I want to teach 15 lessons." And he said "Ok, were going to work our tails off, and were going to get 15 lessons no matter what." And it worked! So im learning alot of stuff like that. Plus the whole excercies thing. So hopefully ill not only have grown spiritually in my mission, but other aspects as well!
I met President Dibb! Hes an awesome man, im really excited to get to know him over these next few years. I only really shook his hand, then we had to go, so ill have more info next week after interviews.
Exciting story that I cant really put on the internet at all. Ill tell you when I get home. Everythings fine and everything, this is just a reminder for myself when I get home. Sorry for the cliff hanger.
Dad, remember how we joked about how we should have lived in a tiny town and Utah, so I could be the star of a 1A High School? We should have moved to Italy so I could play basketball. Vernal could do some serious damage over here. "Basket" isnt really their thing here.
2 or 3 months ago, Anziano Davis and I met a guy in the park. We gave him a book of mormon a few days later, but he was sick so we couldnt teach him. We finally got an appointment with him yesterday, and he told us he doesnt feel worthy to come to church or anything. Im really excited to work with him, cause this isnt just a guy who is interested to hear what we have to say. This is a guy who NEEDS the gospel and the Atonement. Im seriously excited about him.
We have a baptismal date! And I legit one to! The only problem: His baptismal date is August 3rd, the first Saturday of next transfer. Considering ive been in Milano for 4.5 months after this transfer, im probably gonzo. Oh well, im still excited!
Speaking of time, its crazy how it flies! After this transfer, ill have been gone for 6 months. THATS INSANE. I remember like it was only yesterday when I couldnt speak Italian and stuff... actually that really was yesterday. No but im getting Italian. I dont worry about it any more. Im working on the harder tenses now, and really trying to master the easier stuff. I dont really know where to start now, because ive got the basic necessary stuff now. So ive been randomly opening 501 and learning those verbs. Like "to plunge" and "to meow." yeah, Italian has a verb "to meow." 
Thats really it for here. Mosquitos are EVERYWHERE. Seriously everywhere. They are attracted to my ankles. I dont know how they do it, but they bite me through my socks. Not cool.
Oh, one cool thing. Next week, a thing called "Saldi" is happening. Its like the clearance sale, where everything is 50% off. Im being good and not going to by anything, unless its something super cool. I cant make any promises for next year, but itll be cool to be in Milan Italy during this sale.
I love you all! I like Amandas new hair alot, she looks older now. Now people might thing shes my older sister. Oh wait, that already happens. Keep CTRing and reading the scriptures! Ill race you to the end of the Bible, deal? Youve got a head start cause im still pretty early in the Old Testament. Just finished Deuteronomy. Heres my comentary: The Old Testament isnt very fun to read. The end.
Love you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon!

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