Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 Jul 13

Dear Family,

This week was different. We had really good numbers but it was really really rough. We taught 18 lessons last week, and set a baptism date, but things are kinda falling apart. Its really sad.
Our bap date for 3 Aug. sent us a text on Saturday and said his fiance wont let him get baptized, and we havent heard from him since.

We set a bap date with a guy from the middle east, but he just got a job and works every day from 10 to 10, so thats going to be really tough.

We tried to set a bap date with the guy who really needs the gospel, but he (like all other Italians) is going out of town for the entire month of August, and doesnt know when hes getting back. So were working with him.

The saddest thing for me, we had to drop this investigator who ive been working with for three months. Hes really old and catholic, and isnt really progressing. So we had to drop him yesterday, and I was so sad. So we are kind of starting from scratch again this week, so hopefully we can find some cool people!

I met some Phillipine Os named Val, George, and Tina. They know Dave Fife really well, so tell him that they say hello! They gave us lunch, and I think ive officially eaten as much Phillipino food as I have Italian food from members.

So they made a new rule for missionaries, we arent supposed to wear backpacks anymore. So I have to buy a "Satchel." I think thats what people who wear them call them, but in realitly, I have to buy a purse. So thatll be exciting, dont make fun of me.

Its saldi! So everything is on sale. Twice a year, everything is like 50%+ off, after summer and winter. So while I may have to buy a purse, itll be cheap.

I also need a new watch. Ive been wearing my only one literally for 5 months strait, and it is starting to smell bad. So I guess im accesorizing this week for P Day. Again, at least its Saldi.

We had a special zone training meeting this past monday with President Dibb. Hes really awesome, im excited to get to know him. Its going to be an exciting time. The mission is going to grow from 165 (from a year ago?) to around 250. He did interviews with us, and he told me that its going to be an exciting time in the mission, where everyone is going to be young. I think transfers will be exciting in two weeks.

The neet freak thing is working Mom! So thatll be good when im home. And im really excited for Jeff to!

Not a big letter this week, not really anything that exciting. It was rough, but im still workin hard! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon
PS only one photo this week. Its of me and Anziano Droghei, my zone leader. Hes going home after this transfer.

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