Thursday, July 18, 2013

17 Jul 13

Well this week was officially the fastest of my mission.

Wednesday night after P day we werent feeling very well, so we did "area book" for the rest of the night. Thursday we were both sick with the flu, and the effects of it were with me until Sunday morning. Rought week, but all of a sudden its wednesday again. Crazy!

I bought my purse! I forgot to take a picture, but its taking some getting used to. I got it 40% off to, so thats good. The sisters in our ward say its good lookin. I dont know if that means I picked well, or I picked well if I was a girl. Oh well. Ive got a purse now. I bet the girls will love that!

Funny story. We were teaching a less active family this week about being good examples, cause their family situation is beyond crazy. Anyways I said "In my life, my two biggest examples have been my Mom and the Pope." Because pope is papa, and dad is papĂ . I put emphasise on the middle a and not the last. So they got a good kick outta that.

Cool story real fast, I guess Anziano Millers Mom knows Michelle Locey? Thats crazy!

Big week of firsts for me. I gave my first blessing in Italian, and gave my first talk (that I prepared for). The night before my talk, a mosquito bit me on the face. Literally the size of a nickel. Then I went to bed, and woke up, and it wasnt there. Miracles still happen folks.

Work is going well! We have two bap dates, one guy that wants to get baptized but is going to be gone all of August, and a new guy. Cool story with him. He just showed up to our FHE we do with the ward every tuesday. Hes got a friend from another ward who hes been driving to church for a year. We taught him last night, and he said he felt the spirit super strong at this friends baptism, and at church this past sunday. He said he read the Book of Mormon and it filled a hole that was missing in his life. Super elect! Super excited about him. Only problem...

We find out about transfers next Monday. Im thinking ill probably get transfered, but we'll see I guess. Im torn. I really want to stay because I LOVE my ward here, but I really havent been outside of Milano since I got here. Ill be happy and a little sad with either result I think. At the end of my talk I said thank you to my ward for helping me and helping us. Lots of people came up to me after and told me how sorry theyd be if I go. That really meant alot to me, cause for most of my time here I was kind of the quiet kid that cant speak Italian. Im not saying this to say "Look how many friends I have" but it was cool to have that haha.

Not a huge email this week, but ill send some pictures. I just realized BYU football is starting in about a month, and that made me a little sad, but what can you do. Oh, someone brought me some Dr Pepper last night, good to have that. It doesnt exist here it Italy, so that was pretty exciting for me. I know this paragraph is beyond random, but a Fratello Catalano was in our ward this Sunday. He was in the same district as Dylan when he served a mission, so he says hi.

I love you all! Keep doing good things and keep not doing bad things!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

This is our District! Sorella Vareau, McNamyra, Durphee, Holloway, Santuro, Roth, Anziano Miller, Me, Rango, and Droghei. Rango and Droghei are our Zone Leaders.

I love this picture. The lady in the purple's name is Ritta. I met her in the MTC doing a thing called TRC, where you talk to people from the place you're going. I met her my first week in the MTC and didn't understand a word. Now we're good friends! And the lady in the middle just kind of hobbled over and wanted to be in the picture. So yeah. The end!

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