Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12 Mar 14

Well I think you can accept this as doctrine now, the Lord uses my weakness of food to help me find people.

We had just finished a loooong morning of doing strada, and grabbed some doughnuts (3 for 2,40, bargain) and right as we finished this guy walked up to us and said "Hey how are you guys? You know that Jesus is Jehovah, right?" And we said "Yeah, we do!" and he was suuuuper confused. So we started talking to him and we have another appointment with him on Friday and he's probably getting baptized. So that was sweet.

Remember that "My grandpa was a king in Ghana" guy? Hes accepted a bap date for April 4th, so were praying that he makes that date. 

Were having a competition with Anziano Matau and Windley called the Bible Scavenger Hunt. Weve found the two Johns, Abraham, and Jehosaphat. We got bonus points for him. 

We did a scambio on Monday, and it was my first time in Verona without Anziano Garner. AKA I had no idea where I was going the whole time so it was super easy for the Spirit to guide us. We found three new people and a sweet potential WHO IS ITALIAN AND HAS A FAMILY. The rest were African, Ablanian, and Turkish. 

Everything else is going well! I told you about how I had an appointment to see a doctor about my migraines. I decided not to go and just deal with it, and I havent had any problems. I cashed in my man points for blessings I guess. 

Im really good friends with everyone in my apartment, nobody bothers me at all so im really happy about that. 

Im trying to think of other stuff to report on....oh! One of our investigators, who weve been teaching since November came to church for the first time! It was sweet! I told a member that helps us with his lessons that this guy was coming, and he said "I dont believe it." And he came! 

I would send pictures home this week but I forgot my camera at home. Today has been weird because a few days ago someone screwed up while cooking and didnt thaw their meat or something. Long story short, the meat wasnt cooked as well as it could have. So this morning we got hit with the effects of undercooked "Eurospin" meat. CioƩ im probably going to die.

Thats all ive got for this week! Im glad the family is doing well. Please make sure Amanda doesnt bully Scottie to much because id really love for him to be at least semi sane by the time I get home. Anyways I love you all tons! I hope you all have a great week!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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