Friday, April 4, 2014

19 Mar 14

Ill get the non important stuff (but still pretty important) out of the way first. BYU is goin to the Final 4.

We had a really good week! Our companionship got more than 15 lessons in a week since September of last year, so were really excited. We found some really cool people that are getting baptized for sure.

So remember the guy who came and told us Jesus is Jehovah, and then wanted the Book of Mormon? The dude was kinda crazy. He came in ready to "Bible Bash." He didnt make a lot of sense. He was talkin about how the Book of Mormon is an unknown vessel and just kinda went off. I got him with a pretty good question though. Here's how the convesation went:

Me: Before you read the Bible, how did you know it was a chosen vessel?
He sat and thought there for thirty seconds
Him: The verses I was reading
Then I cut him off (sorry I know thats rude)
Me: Nope, before you even opened the Book, how did you know it was approved by God to read?
He thought for a few more seconds. Best response ever.
Him: I read the verses and I was like, those are good verses. The the Spirit of God said "Those are good verses, read them again" and I said ok Lord, ill read them again. That is how I knew. And I am an apostle of the Lord Jesus!! Apostolic church.

The lesson didnt go much farther. Im a bad person, but when he said "read them again" he was looking at Anziano Matau (we were on scambio) and I was bustin a gut trying to laugh silently. He was a crazy guy.

Speaking of the Bible, I finished it today! So I can knock that one off the bucket list. 

Today is Anziano Matau's birthday also! So we got him some presents and stuff, got apartment ties, and went to Wok Sushi for lunch. It was an all you can eat sushi place. It was the first time id eaten wasabi. I didnt know how strong it was, and it almost shut down my entire body. 

Today is also the one year in Italy mark! I think the mission time period thing is designed to make it feel like its going fast. Ive got the "Holy crap its a new month" milestone, the "Holy crap ive been out for X amount of months" milestone, the "Holy crap ive been in Italy X amount of months" milestone, and the "Holy crap I have X amount of months left" milestone. For anyone who cares, those days are the 1st, 6th, 19th, and 23rd of every month.

Everything is going well! I hope that last paragraph didnt make me look trunky cause im not at all. I forgot March Madness started this week unti I got to the internet point. That should be enough to convice you all.

Thats all I have for this week! Both of us forgot our SD card readers again, but I promise ill remember and bring it next week. But I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! Go cougs!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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