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04 Apr 14

Ill just jump right into it this week.
We had a really good week last week. At the end, we were super super packed, to the point where we didnt know when to go see people (best problem ever) because we lost a day Friday when we had to go to Milano. All three sisters from my MTC district were there, and it was weird to see them because if I get transferred and am not a zone leader I probably wont see them again. I guess that means im old.
Saturday was kind of a bummer, because we had five lessons set up and had to cancel all of them because our ward mission leader is also in the stake young men's presidency (along with another 3 callings, poor guy) so he asked if we could go to a stake missionary work meeting. Then we had (got) to go to the saturday evening adult session so we were in meetings from 330 until 830. It will be no problem staying focused in school because school class periods are only 90 minutes with air conditioning, and I (hopefully) wont be wearing suit.
So last Friday Anziano Windley got hit by a car on his bike. He's fine so dont worry. But he was going to cross a four lane road on a cross walk, the first car stopped but the car in the second lane didnt. So he rolled up over the hood and his head/helmet smashed the windshield. He was fine after, with only a cut on his knee from the bumper, but they called an ambulance and stuff. They did all these tests on him and wanted to go to the hospital. The medic told him that it was a miracle that nothing was wrong, and after much debate they didnt make him go to the hospital.
So Sunday Windley got a headache, and the medics told him that if he got a headache he had to come to the hospital. So he took Anziano Lopez with him, and I took Anziano Anderson. Lopez and I hadnt finished weekly planning, so at 8pm I decided to come in and do it myself so at least we had our goals for the week to report. As I was sitting there I felt "You need to go find people right now." So we went outside to a park. There was a lady there and we went and talked to her. She didnt understand Italian. So we were bummed and sat on a bench to pray. Then a little kid came up to us and said "Shes from Ukraine, and only speaks Russian. But I speak Russian and Italian." Can you translate for us, for two minutes? Yes! So he went and asked his grandma, and she said no and they left. So we were more bummed. After that, we looked over and there was a new guy on a bench, so we went and talked to him. His name was Paul and we taught him the sweetest lesson. The Spirit was super strong. He ended up not wanting a Book of Mormon because he had read the Bible. We made him see (very nicely and in harmony with the teachings of Jesus) how silly he was for not even trying the read teh Book of Mormon, but he still didnt want it. Its a bummer he didnt want to know more, but it was a flippin sweet lesson, and we were supposed to talk to him that day.

The day finished great, because Anziano Windley is still ok, but has to wear a neck brace for ten days. Ill get you a picture next week.
These past two days ive been on a train for 8 hours with no air conditioning. I miss AC so much. Hardly any italians have it because AC causes "Colpa di aria" which is some incredibly deadly disease that doesnt really exist. Verona is way more humid than Milano.

Other than that, all is well. Were busy again this week with a zone conference coming up, and yeah. Things are going well! Thanks for the emails and the support, I hope you all have a great time in Europe! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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