Wednesday, July 23, 2014

28 May 14

Alright so pretty much here's how my life goes for the week.

Monday: Finding work all day long and phone calls.
Tuesday: Finding work all day long
Wednesday: PDay, a lesson with our new convert, and then meetings with the ward.
Thursday: Five lessons and runnin around
Friday: Five lessons and runnin around
Saturday: Five lessons and runnin around
Sunday: Church and seeing members

Were really trying to find balance because monday and tuesday are the longest days in the entire world and then were at Sunday night all of a sudden. 

So we talked to this guy from Africa a few weeks ago in a city called Bussolengo. We needed to catch the bus, so he said "If were going to talk about Jesus, we need to sit down and pray, in a calm environement." So we finally got to see him last Saturday. Turns out he lives in the same apartment building as the second councilor in the stake presidency/ex mission president, his wife (who is my mom here in verona), and their daughter who speaks english fluently. So we taught this guy and his wife the first lesson, and they are so so so so cool. Shes a preacher in her church, and has probably read the bible more times than ive read Harry Potter. Im really praying that they remain solid because alot of contacts like this kind of turn out less legit. Ask Dylan if you want to know why.

I got a new bike! Its sweeeeeeet. It is a good feeling to have a good bike under me that doesnt feel like its going to explode. 

Our ward had a musical this sunday. Im pretty glad its over because wed call people to see members and theyd say after the musical. So itll be good to see a lot of members again. 

I dont have a lot to say this week. The only interesting other thing from this week, is we had a lesson last night with a kid who weve seen like three times before? He works everyday from 6am until 7pm, then he gets home, eats, showers, and goes to bed. He has the weekends off, but he goes to Milano to find more work. So weve been "teaching him" for like 3ish months. Were really excited because whenever he doesnt go to MIlano he comes to church. We saw him last night, and he said that hes looking for something to bring more peace in his life, something to help him quit smoking, and wants to give a talk in church (a true miracle). He said that he could meet with us once a week, so we'll see what happens! 

Thats all I have for this week.... I cant believe that school is over almost again. Whenver I think of "a few months ago" I think of January 2013 when I was home. And were already in June pretty much!  I hope you all have a great week and everything goes great! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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