Wednesday, July 23, 2014

04 Jun 14

This week has been a good week.
I talked last week about how we have all the time in the world on Monday and Tuesday, and then were super packed the rest of the week. We did lots of phone calls and got things set up on Monday and are having a real good week so far. We have a meeting in Milano this Friday, and have literally zero time the rest of the week. Its been the best problem ever, not knowing when to see people. So were excited about that!
We played basketball last P-day and it was super fun. My right shoulder is feeling great, and the left one im being really careful with. I was pretty sore on Thurdsay, but im all better now. Weve started going and playing basketball every morning at a near by park, so im starting to kind of get things back. Anziano Windley played basketball in high school so its been fun playing against him. Im getting back into shape slowly but surely.
Like I said, we have the misison council on Friday in Milano, and its weird because if I get transferred and am not a zone leader next transfer, itll be the last time I see the sisters in my group. Whats crazier is that my next city could be my last. Ill have five transfers left, and ive done four in my last two cities. I hope that I dont do four and then one in a new city, but we'll see what happens.
Today we ate lunch in a park, and I finished early so I was practicing my wheelie on my sweet new bike. Anziano Windley was taking pictures of me, but he didnt do a very good job, because he took the picture as I was coming down so I look pretty stupid in all of the pictures. Ill send one of them either this week or next week if I remember. Just know that in the picture my wheel may be 6 inches off the ground, I was at least two feet. My incredibily concentrated face is a testimony of that.
Im glad that Amanda graduated from Seminary! And thats crazy school is over also. There were some tourists in church with us on Sunday, so I was translating for them. Two of them looked kind of younger, so after I asked if high school had finished yet. One of them looked at me and said "Yeah, im 25." So that was kind of embaressing, but life goes on I guess.
Ask Grandpa Fife and Grandpa McKinnon if they know a Tom Mackay. Im pretty sure Elder Mackay served his mission in France and he said he knows a Jim Fife. He was a professor at BYU and knows Mitt Smith well. His son also played basketball at Provo in 91 Dad, so maybe he's in your yearbook when you were a senior? Anyways, ive loved being here with both Elder and Sister Mackay. Theyre both really smart, great people and theyve helped me out a lot. Ive been able to pick their brains about school and life and stuff and theyve taught me some really good things.
I think thats all I have for this week. If Anz Lopez finishes with his SD card reader ill send the picture, and if not, ill remember mine next week. I hope you have a great summer! Im excited all the girls are going to England, we'll be neighbors! Dad, make sure you remember to keep me updated on the NBA draft, and let me know if any other BYU guys got drafted in the NFL. Have a great week everyone! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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