Wednesday, July 23, 2014

09 Jul 14

Hey again! Well I really like Piacenza a lot.
I talked about our bikes last week, right? Well someone stole Anziano Jacob's wheel so now we have to walk everywhere again. It was kind of my fault, because I guess at Verona people are way nicer because we never locked our wheels up and everything was fine. We didnt lock the wheels up one time here on a Sunday afternoon for three hours and it was gonzo. All I know is that there is a special somethin waiting for people who steal missionary bike tires on the sabbath.
Not a lot happened this week, it was pretty boring. We have some really really cool people were working with. I cant tell you how nice it is to work with people who will like do what we ask them to do. A lot of people we worked with in Verona were like "Yeah, I know the Book of Mormon is true. No, ive never read a word of it in my life, but I know its true. Yes, I believe Joseph Smith was a prophet. I dont agree with some of the doctrine he taught, but of course he's a prophet of God. Yes, I believe this is the true church. But I also believe that other churches are true to." I really just love teaching people who are willing to act. You have problems with living commandments, I dont care, we can work on it. Youre having a hard time recognizing an answer, thats fine. Just read, pray, and come to church and everything else will work out. That's probably the biggest thing im excited for when I come home. My success in school/work/etc is up to me and my decision making, and not someone elses. Sorry about the rant, but thats one of the biggest things ive learned out here on the mission, that the word "gospel" is a verb. Thats probably one of the biggest things people dont understand.
Anyways, on Friday we had a 4th of July party at a members house. Us four missionaries had to sing the Star Spangled banner for everyone there. That song gets pretty high. We had burgers and hot dogs, and a tug of war, three legged race, and then everyone else did a square dance while we watched. It was a lot of fun, and there was a really good turn out.Then on Sunday (just because the whole "comfort zone" thing gets kind of destroyed) I had to sing in church for like the 5th time. I dread it every time and it goes pretty not that good every time but people just keep askin us. Mom, you should be pretty proud of me though, im fighting back my musical inadequecy. A few months ago I bought the "Simplified Hymn Book" and can now play the right hand only of 95% of the songs in there. Its about as simple as you can get, but hey. We'll see if I can get that left hand goin a little bit, but chances arent high.
I dont know if I talked about it last time, but were going to do a lot of less active work here. We have a huge list of less actives that live here in Piacenza. Usually when doing less active hunting, all of the less actives live in the middle of knowhere so we pretty much cant go see them. Its going to be great to have them in the city. If only we had bikes.
Hair cut part two. I tried to cut my own hair. I really liked the length of Anziano Jacob's so I was going to do the same. Good thing when I did it on me, it looked like 8 inches shorter. So I guess for now the long hair is gone until it grows back. Its a learning process.
Well, thats all I have for this week. It wasnt a big eventful week. This next week should be pretty exciting, but I wont explain why until next week. Hows that for a cliff hanger? Have a good week everyone! I love you!
Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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