Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30 Jul 14

I promised a good email this week, but this week was pretty uneventful.

Last Friday we went to Reggio Emilia for interviews with President Dibb. I dont know if I told you, but a few weeks ago he had to go home for a little bit to get some health stuff figured out, but he's back and ready to go. It was good to see him, I hadnt seen him since April. He was proud of me in our interview because he said "Win one for the Gipper" and I know where that came from. It was cool to be in Reggio, because they're famous for their parmegian cheese. 

We had a kind of exciting week in our district. They had to close down a companionship of sisters in another city because one of them had to go home. So her companion is here, so there are three sisters in the companionship here in Piacenza. Her name is sister Montagnioli. I dont know if ive written about her, but she was in my MTC group. So she's going to be here in Piacenza for two weeks before she goes home. I feel kind of bad for her because the absolute worst part about the mission is moving luggage to a new city. Were glad she's here though because she's really needed.

We fixed my bike again yesterday, so pray that everything will be ok. Im trying to think of interesting things we do here in Piacenza that arent like every day missionary things. We have an english class every wednesday night. We teach the basic class, which is was harder to teach than the conversations class. Its helping me improve my english alot, because when we taught the basic class in Verona, people would ask questions why we say something like this or that, and I would just say "Thats just the way it is" or the famous trainer answer "Youll learn by listening." But now I can say "Well its because of this rule, and youll learn by listening." Then my companion bares testimony about how he knows what I said is true and it works out well. So the point is, now I speak english good. (Grandpa Fife, that was a joke!)

Tomorrow night the zone leaders are coming here to do "Monster Finding" so itll be good to see Anziano Miller again. It could be the last time I see him in the mission, because he's going into transfer 15 (us state side guys only do 16) so he'll have two transfers left. 

I dont want to brag or anything, but im getting pretty good at foosball and ping pong. 

Another thing ive started doing is practice my cursive handwriting. Its getting better, but its still pretty awful. 

Ive just had a recent breakthrough with learning cool Italian words. This week I learned the words for samurai, "sketchy," and toast (like a champagne toast). The hardest part about the language now is learning vocabulary, just because the news words I learn I dont use often enough to remember them very well. Soooo yeah.

Im really at a loss of exciting things to say. I dont know if you remember last year when I got to Muggio, how everyone left on vacation. In Italy, everyone just takes work off and goes to the sea during the whole month of August. Thats starting again, so its been difficult to see investigators regularly and things like that. We found out about transfers on Saturday (President changed when we find out what will happen, he moved it up a few days) and im nervous that I might be training again. Not that I dont want to, but training in August could be more challenging. But we'll see what happens!

Thats all ive got for now. I just passed my 6 month left mark and im really glad its passed. Its just one of those dates that creaps up on you and freaks you out, then it passes and everything is normal again. I was looking at the family pictures we took right before James left, and it was kind of funny. I was looking at the whole family and it just kind of hit me "Oh yeah, all these people like really exist still." Just to clarify, not that I forgot anyone but you just get into the grind of the mission and its like "My first name is now Anziano, and all I do is missionary work." The other day though it was like "Oh yeah, ill see all of them again." 

But yeah, im just excited to go out and do these last few months the right way. Its crazy that James is getting home so soon, and then the rest of the cousins get home one transfer after another. So time is flyin!

Im glad you went to the demolition derby, I was telling Anziano Jacob about it the other day. I think Trevor said it best "Fairview taught me to love my cousins, but not to much." Annnd on that note ill finish! I hope you all have a great week and CTR! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon 

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