Wednesday, August 6, 2014

06 Aug 14

Transfer news, pretty boring. Were both staying here in Piacenza! For the sisters it was kind of exciting though. Sister Montagnoli is finishing her mission tomorrow, just like all the other sisters in my group. That officially means im old. Then, Sister Beaumont had to go home for medical stuff, so were pretty sad about that. Then, Sister Gross is getting transfered to... Muggio! Im really excited because weve become pretty good friends, so now she can go clean up all the mistakes I made at Muggio. So were getting two new sisters here who will be finishing their missions in ten days. Theyre going home early to start school. So it looks like itll just be Anziano Jacob and I in Piacenza in a few weeks. So we had a "Mega Planning Sesh" and are getting everything organized.

This week was kind of crazy. First off, last week we went to help an old widow in our branch clean out water that got into her basement. To get to it, you have to go down a trap door covered in spider webs and down a falling apart ladder. I cant even describe what I had to clean out, so ill just send a picture. I can, however, describe the smell of that gross water. It smelled like (VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED) a scout camp outhouse at the end of the week, after Fat Freddy used it just after breaking the Chuck o Rama chilli dog eating record. It was so gross. So we had to clean it out while battling Aragog and his hoardes of spider babies that came to defend the homeland that no human has set foot in for 300 years. That last bit is a kind of a stretch, but she did say that we were the first people to go down there for awhile. 

So we survived the Temple of Doom, and helped her pull weeds in her garden. She gave me a machette to use, that picture will be included later. 

Theeen on Saturday we got kidnapped. Because of transfers, one of our english class students planned a picnic for us. The picnic, that was supposed to be our two hour lunch break ended up being a five hour voyage to the top of the world. It was really cool to see, but kind of long. So we called President and were taking some time out of our P-day today. So we saw some cool castles and churches. 

Anziano Jacob's bike broke again! But we got in fixed in a timely manner this time and were out rollin on our hot rides again. 

Monday night we had a sweet FHE activity. We did the Iron Rod. We ran string throughout our church and made them do challenges and answer questions along the way. With all of the questions, there were hints in the Book of Mormon. For example "What was the first Disney movie?" See 1 Nephi 11:8. It was pretty sweet. I also included the question "Who is the most attractive (boy) missionary?" They all answered that it was me, but they got a little help because their hint was "The answer is Anziano McKinnon." It was a super good activity and our investigators loved it. Were getting SO close to baptism with some of them. Like I said last week, were just having a hard time with consistency seeing them.

Thats all ive got for this week. I hope everything is going well at home. Shout out to Sophie for getting her learners permit! She wrote me this week "Bikers are the worst things ever." You be careful Soph, I am one of those bikers. Thats crazy Anziano Love was like at our house. Tell him I say hi. If I would have stayed in Milano one more transfer I think he would have been my zone leader. Anyways, have a super great week and make sure to CTR. I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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