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27 Aug 14

Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2014 8:12:04 AM
Subject: Transfer 13 Week 3

Big news of the week: We got a call from the AP's monday morning (as our zone leaders are on a train to do an exchange) "Hey you guys are moving into the sister's old apartment. You need to be ready by Wednesday, but the Harmers (a senior couple) are coming tomorrow so if you want help moving your suitcases with a car, be ready by tomorrow morning." So yeah, we got ready for the car. So that means we had the lamest scambio ever as we cleaned/packed. So that was Monday, a whole bunch of cleaning. I sent a package home because I was planning on being here in Piacenza until the winter, so id just leave my short sleeve shirts here and have plenty of room in my bags. Psych, ive got to pack up again, so I sent a box home. I sent it "via nave" again, so you can expect it to get there within six months. I may even beat it home. Just keep an eye out for a box with Madonna pass along cards all over it. They are really the Christmas ones we use with the nativity on it, but Italians wont touch anything with the Madonna on it, so I think ill be safe (knock on wood).

Then yesterday we spent the day unpacking/ungirl-efying the aparmtent. They left it really clean for us, but we decided to move all of the shelf space from the bathroom into the kitchen. We didnt have any shelf space in the kitchen, which we needed badly considering we have a month's worth of food (I am so thankful we had the car to move everything). We decided we didnt need 100 shelves to store our toothbrushes, so we just moved some stuff around. The new apartment is super nice, were right next to a cool park and street closed off to cars so its really quiet. Ill try and remember to send a picture of the view at our old apartment compared to our new one. The old one looked over abandoned train tracks and had a great view of our neighbor's balcony (who told us he likes to watch us cook breakfast in the morning while he sits outside....). Were loving our new view of "The Valley of Zion" as the sisters called it. We only have one fridge in this apartment (yes, im still devastated) but it is a way better apartment over all. 

So remember that old widow in our branch that we go and visit? Make sure Grandpa McKinnon reads this story because he's going to love it. She's getting smarter. She has started calling us for errands that she doesnt really need done, just so we'll come over to her house. So she called us the other day to pick up some medicine for her. We had gotten that same medicine for her two days before, and when I reminded her she said "Anziano, you dont know how horrible it is to be all alone! Nobody ever visits me ever!!!!" Soooo im a softy and caved. We went and saw her, and she was so excited to give us some gelato. So Anz. Jacob has a cone thing, and she gives me a cup and a small spoon. She should have given me an ice pick because her freezer is apparently turned to negative one billion degrees. So she talked to us about her life while I hammered away at this ice cream. I did find a new appreciation for Mormon, as I imagined him doing the same thing to get the Book of Mormon put together. Anyways, I finished eating the ice cream, and I went to her sink to wash the spoon. I rinsed it off and said "Hey, where is your dish soap?" She look at me and said "Dish soap? What do you need dish soap for? I never use dish soap!!" So I just looked at the spoon and thought about the hundreds of other missioanries who have used that spoon. So if I get mono while im here, its not because im a bad missioanry, its because I fell victim to a spoon that has been growing germs for 40 years. 

On the bright side though, she said if I ever move to Italy, I can live there with her. So yeah. My branch president gave me the same offer, so if I ever do come here, his offer is the one ill probably take. Anyways.

Work is going well! We've been doing lots of calls to make sure we track down all of the sister's investigators also. The whole moving thing kind of threw a curveball at us but were getting back into the swing of things. We are SO SO SO close to baptism with a few of our investigators, its just helping them see that they're ready. Weve been working really hard and were at that last little push thatll get us over the hill with five people. So were doing everything in our power to make sure it happens. President Dibb said one time "I dont have to be a super smart guy to be a mission president. I just have to be obedient and do my best." So were making a big push to be exactly obedient.

The biggest test I had was this morning. I was super tired, and realized that I needed to excersize. I cant tell you how many excuses came into my mind to not excercize. 
"Its p-day" "You already excercized yesterday by moving" "You have to carry groceries home later, that can be your excercize" "You are already super attractive, you dont need to excercize." All these things are true (haha) but I did it anyways. Thats one of the biggest things ive learned out here. Life really isnt that hard. Just be obedient, and everything works out. 

Well thats all I have for this week. I did want to say one more thing though. As many of you have noticed, I like to put a lot of stories in my letters, and not exactly stories that are super powerful spiritual experiences (except for the spoon story, im counting my blessings that I dont have evil diseases). Dont worry, ive got all the good stuff in my journal, and ill be happy to talk about all this stuff when im home. I dont want to throw all these experiences out on the internet to everyone, because ive had a lot of growing moments that are between me and the Lord that have built me and my testimony up a lot. I just dont want these things to turn into "mission stories." But we'll have a real heart to heart if anyone wants to and ill be happy to share stuff in a "right place right time" sitch. I just wanted to throw that on here just so you know im not out here just eatin gelato and workin out. Anyways.

I love you all so much! Keep on keepin on! Tell James im waitin on an email from him. Keep readin the scritptures and CTRin!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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