Wednesday, August 13, 2014

13 Aug 14

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 5:59:26 AM
Subject: Transfer 13 Week 1

Hey again! 

Ill just jump right into it. We did our grocery shopping last week for the whole transfer. I dropped 70 bones but I saved a lot of money. And besides, 70 euro for six weeks isnt that bad at all. Planning is good! Carrying it all back to our house was the worst experience of my entire life, I was sore for at least 3 days after. 

So remember the woman who we helped to clean out her basement? Weve been her little slaves the past few days. Since then we have cleaned out the basement again (literally the day after it rained SO hard, so there was no point in going the first time), fixed the 90 year old ladder that gets you done into the basement, and picked up medicine. Ready for the most frustrating story ever?

So she calls us and says "Hey, I need you to pick up some medicine for me." So we bike to her house, get the money, and bike to the pharmacist. We get the medicine, get back to her house and she tells us the gave us the wrong medicine. So we biked back to the pharmacy and the lady said that it was the exact same medicine, they just added more vitamins to it. So we bike back to the old ladies house, and she refused to take the medicine because she's alergic to everything. At this point I may or may not have been considering just putting the new medicine in the old box, but Anziano Jacob has more patience than me so we bike back to the pharmacy, and the pharmacist (who is pretty ticked at us by this point) who says that they dont make the old one any more. So we get our money back, and bike to two other pharmacies before finding the old kind of medicine. Then we went back and delivered it and we all lived happily ever after. Just to add to the pain, she gave us like 5 euro to little, so I ended up paying for the rest. It really isnt a big deal at all, but I just think thats a cherry on top.

We have two new sister missionaries here and theyre really cool. Unfortunately, they both go home next wednesday, and then we'll be all alone here in Piacenza. They doing a great job and working hard until the end though.

These past few days have been something that state side/south american missionaries will probably never experience. Getting home, opening the planner, looking at the next day and the only things on it are "studies" and "lunch/language study". What do we do the rest of the day? FINDING WORK. I dont want to sound pesimistic but thats kind of a sad feeling. Actually, yesterday was pretty good

It started off kind of a bummer, because we got stopped by some missionaries from another church. They tried to give us a pamphlet and I said "Yeah, we'll take it if we can do a swap" and tried to give her one of our Restoration pamphlets. She said "I dont want that, we dont believe in images and that pamphlet has an image on it" (that doesnt really make sense in english, but she's refering to the ten commandments). I didnt know that pictures of Jesus are a no no. So we talked to them for a little bit and it went nowhere, and I was frustrated. Im fine if people say they arent interested but when they say silly goose things I get frustrated. 

Anyways, we walked by these super old lady and asked if she needed any help. She said no but was really nice and smiled at us. We walked away and I said to Anziano Jacob "I hope Heavenly Father blesses her." Then a voice in my head "Well why dont you bless her?" Good point voice in my head. So we went back and said she had a really pretty smile and thanks for making our day better. We talked to her for like 45 more seconds and she was just a happy old 95 year old woman. I like happy people.

At the end we talked to this guy for awhile who agreed 100% with the apostasy, and then said "Ive read the Bible, but it isnt translated very well. I hate that there are so many translations. Why couldnt one person translate it well once, and then everything would be fine. Well, we cant do anything about the Bible, but boy do we have a book for you. At the end he said he was going on vacation for a long time so he couldnt meet, but thats pretty much how all of our contacts end these days so its cool.

Yeah, things are going well! Were just having a good ol time in Piacenza and workin hard! Not much more to say other than that! I hope you all have a great week! Its crazy that Amanda starts college soon...Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Remember to CTR and all that stuff! I love you!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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