Wednesday, August 20, 2014

20 Aug 14

Today was kinda sad. This morning we helped the sisters take their luggage to the train station and sent them off. So now its just anziano Jacob and I here in Piacenza. Its just us two in our district now so we might be going to Reggio Emilia every week for district meeting, so that might help us be less lonley.

We found two cool new investigators this week! And one of them is from Scotland! He was in our area book and I saw his name and had to call him because were probably distant brothers. Whatever that means. So he is really cool and really interesting. He took us into his study, and he literally has 8000 books. Literally. He knows everything about everything so we'll see how it goes. 

The second guy stopped the sisters the other day and said "Hey, you guys are Mormons! Will you come teach me?" So the sisters sent us because they were leaving and cause he's a single man. So we went and saw him, and asked about baptism before we even said the prayer. He told us about this dream he had where Jesus was coming out of a giant white church with steeples instead of a cross, and that when he finds that church he's getting baptized like that. He says the SL temple looks very similar to the one in his dream, so were going to bring every temple picture we can find until we find it. He's got a baptismal date for the 25th of September. 

He has only been in Italy for 2 years, so he doesnt know Italian super well yet, so we use the pamphlets alot. I bought a "Learn Spanish book" and im trying to learn. I only study it at night when I have time, so dont worry about me wasting time, plus I already had a conversation with his grandma entirely in Spanish and she said ive learned well. Miracle. Its also really helped me be thankful that I can speak Italian now. You get to the point where its like "Yeah, anyone can understand Italian, how could you not?" and then I go back to Spanish and its like the MTC all over again. Its helped my Italian alot because the book is from Italian to Spanish, so I have to understand Italian well to learn Spanish. Ive seen a big jump in my Italian these past couple of days.

I dont really know what more to say. I love the people that were working with, I love Piacenza, I love the branch. Every morning I still think "I will never be as tired as I am right now for the rest of my life" and then I beat it the next morning, but its good.

Our Zone Leaders came to our district meeting this Monday, so they stayed the night Sunday night. Anziano Richardson has become one of my best friends in the mission, so it was really good to be with him. He and another missioanry made a "Six Months till Sexy" book thats the funniest thing ever, but I tried it out. Its a lot like p-90x so my stomach has been hurting for like a week. But I cant be fat when I get home so ive gotta fight through the pain!

Not a ton to report except that its the weirdest thing ever that James is getting home. Time is being so weird. I cant get over it. Im working hard to finish strong all the way to the end, because if im going to be here, Id better be here. Plus if im missing another season of BYU football i'd rather be doing something thats worth it, and preaching the gospel is one of the few things that is! Have a good week everyone! Girlies, have a good time at school! Same rule still applies, no kissing cute boys! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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