Wednesday, July 23, 2014

16 Jul 14

This was a super super great week!

So first things first. Remember our investigator in Muggio who went through all the anti material/every other obstacle in the history of earth? President gave us permission to go to Muggio and help with her baptism on Friday. And she got BAPTIZED! She did so good and was so brave! She had so many obstacles but she got through them all! It was a miracle that everything went well, and now she's a member of the Church. Her testimony has grown so much, and she seriously did such a good job! 

Dad, you talked about that episode of Top Gear where they went to Monza. Monza is the city next to Muggio and I did tons of work there. So of the two cities that were on the show, ive served in both of them.

So were still having bike troubles. After the baptism, we got back to Piacenza super late (at like 11pm) and we get to our bikes, and my bike tire is flat. I didnt want to walk the 45 minutes it would take to get home on foot because I was exhausted, and two we'd have to go through the "red light district." So I decided to just go for it anyways and it was a really dumb bad idea. The tube came out from under the tire and got tangled in the chain and gears so now I have another broken bike. We called our ward mission leader to pick us up so at least we didnt have to walk home.

Last night we had dinner with a part member family, and the husband was really cool. He let us shoot his bow and arrow while he took a shower, so we did that. Im no Will from Ranger's Apprentice, but it went ok.

We got a referall this week from a guy in Bologna. He's a member, and after a YSA activity, he and his friend decided to do finding work. (awesome members, right?) They found this guy and his wife who live down here by us, and we went and saw them. They are so cool! The husband said "I want to find a good church, but ive been to every one in the city and all of them have problems with their doctrine." So theyre really excited to read the Book of Mormon and were seeing them next week!

This past Saturday we helped one of our investigators cut wood on his farm. It was really cool. He's got cows, chickens, and a goat. He's also got a little beagle and were best friends. 

So I guess you'd say this week was a little different than others with a baptism, wood cutting, and archery. Then tomorrow were doing another exchange with the zone leaders and im going to Modena again. There are other things that are kind of exciting that ill have to tell you when I get home. 

Thats all ive got this week! Im just pluggin along and everything is going well. I hope you all have a great week to! Mom, I understand the no AC thing, im sorry you had to go through that. When does school start for Amanda? And Sophie is going to be a Junior in high school, right? Thats insane. Anyways, I hope you have a great week, and Kate good luck with you voice camp! I love you all!

Anziano Christian Fife McKinnon

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